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Thursday, 9 November 2017

The Last Post From Dingles Farm.

Do not fear, I'll be back on-line and posting again hopefully in about a week.
As they'd had a last minute "Um, we're not actually moving today." cancellation two of the removal men turned up with more boxes and an empty van. They loaded the van till no more could be put in which must be at least two thirds if not three quarters of the packing done. 
Although the forecast had been for dry weather there was a light drizzle all day long so despite mats being put down a certain amount of mud was tracked through the house. 
If it hadn't been for the sofa and gaming table needing to be dealt with I would be feeling fairly relaxed. As it was, once the men had left I cut the gaming table into car sized pieces, not too hard a job with an electric saw. Then came the dismantling of the sofa. Being an very well made sofa there was a lot of wood to cut through, this time with a hand saw. I saved a big piece of the leather from the back of the sofa and also the cover of one arm with a thought to maybe covering over the spot on the big sofa where Speedy sneakily sharpens his claws. The breaking up of the sofa was done in a mad rush as I thought the dump closes at 4.00 and they tend to shut the gates 10 minutes before. I got there at 3.45 to find that they close at 4.30 which was a relief. However there wasn't time for a second dump run to dispose of the final bit of the sofa and assorted junk from around the place. They open at 9.00 so I might go tomorrow morning or take the stuff with us and drop it off at the Barnstaple dump later.
We've both worked hard today and as there's some more to do tonight I called in at Tesco's for some beer for Peter and chocolate for me. Right now I'm having a blogging break after which I shall saw up the last bit of the sofa and do the final bit of packing.
Back once Sky get us on-line. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017


Today has been bright and chilly. As I drove towards Ilfracombe on my way to the dump I could see clear across the Bristol Channel to Wales. The air was so clear that not only could I see the Brecon Beacons but I could make out the buildings of Swansea and Bridgend shining white in the sun. I had packed my car full of stuff from the outbuildings, the old hanging baskets and a pair of beautiful old and past it floor length silk curtains. 
The rest of the day has been spent ..... packing. I didn't do my exercises last night apart from some stretches as I spent the evening wiping the insides of the kitchen cupboards. Peter rang our movers to ask for more boxes which will be delivered tomorrow morning and as they are not busy tomorrow they'll take away the boxes that are already packed.
The new fridge freezer was delivered this afternoon and is standing in the kitchen in all its packaging while our old chest freezer has been taken away. It was in situ for nearly 25 years so the state of the carpet underneath and the wall behind was not good. There were even rusty patches stuck to the carpet. It took me a while to clear all the detritus and scrub the wall and carpet but at least now it doesn't look so awful. 
While I was out taking these photos I noted the country sounds around me; a horse harrumphing, rooks cawing, a blackbird going chuck chuck and the squawks and whirring wings of a group of pheasants. I wonder what new natural sounds I will hear walking around Pilton and down to Mannings Pit or even cycling along the Tarka Trail.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Too Much Stuff.

It poured with rain all morning while I sorted out the fridge and freezer. After removing all the things in the fridge that didn't really need to be there, like jars of pickle, I was able to transfer most of the stuff left in the chest freezer to the fridge. The fridge is now full to bursting but I do have a good idea of where things are. I cooked up some turkey and pork mince for the cats and they spent the day trying to sneak into the porch where the saucepan was sitting on the cold concrete floor. Then came the job of hacking away all the ice in the freezer and clearing everything out ready for its removal tomorrow.
Having said I was on top of the packing I've now reached the stage of mild panic. I spent the afternoon boxing up kitchen stuff. That took time as I  tried to sort and clean everything before packing but I'm almost at the stage of opening cupboards and putting the contents in boxes. I'm not sure if I'll get round to my exercises this evening as I'll pack a few more things before supper.
I took a walk around the garden in the late afternoon when the rain had stopped. My eye was caught by flashes of white as our neighbours' flock of doves sparkled against the grey clouds. 

It's not easy trying to focus on flying subjects.

Off now to throw put a few more things in boxes.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Still Packing.

I had another of my early starts today. My morning exercises were done in the moonlight  and by 7.30 I had painted the bare patches of wall in the kitchen including going over the family height marks. A second coat at the end of the day has made it look a bit more respectable.
I had to pop into town to pick up a couple of sports vests I had ordered from Asda in anticipation of joining a Pilates class once we're settled in. I quite like going to Asda for a change as they are a bit cheaper than Tesco's and best of all there is a walking space marked out between each parking space. Much better than the usual trying to slide between cars once you've parked. I also made a stop at the charity shop to leave some stuff and once again there was a traffic warden. This one was looking at my number plate even thought I had left the boot open so I made a point of saying that I was unloading. Luckily a volunteer had followed me out of the shop and took the last bags of donations from me so I didn't have to worry about that traffic warden. (I've just checked and you are allowed 20 minutes to load or unload so I wasn't doing anything illegal.) 
Back home I finally seem to be making headway with the packing. As it was a dry day, sunnier in the morning but warmer in the afternoon I began gathering and labelling things in the outbuildings. There are still a few outside things to label and a run or two to the dump while the filling of boxes continues.
I decided that I only need a day to empty and defrost the freezer so switch off is tomorrow morning. I've been through the freezer already and fished out some long forgotten items which went in the bin for collection tomorrow. There's a strict rule at the dump of no food items, stops rats I suppose, so today was my last chance to throw out any food. I almost never throw out food, between the boys, cats, dogs and compost heap the most that would be left would be some chicken bones. Tonight and probably tomorrow, I shall be having red cabbage, carrot and swede mash, vegetable samosas and some chicken.

Sunday, 5 November 2017


It's been quite wintry today, a dry morning followed by icy showers and some hail. 
While I was shifting stuff around in one of the bedrooms I found this butterfly sitting on the wall. Some species do overwinter but I haven't decided where the best place for it would be. It really needs somewhere dry but not too warm. If it's still there tomorrow I might move it to one of the outbuildings. I'm not sure which species it is, possibly a peacock or a tortoiseshell, as I didn't want to disturb it and cause it to use up energy. 
Having spent the last two evenings stretched out on the smaller sofa I've decided that it won't do. There's only a difference of 18 inches  between it and the bigger sofa which is so much more comfy. Due to a few claw marks on the leather (bad Speedy) I can't offer it to the furniture charities so I'll pop it up for free on a local site or else I will have to break it up and take it down to the dump.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Turning Cold.

This morning it was breezy with some rain and some sun. By the afternoon it had brightened up enough to make me think it would be worth putting some washing in the machine. By the time the kitchen curtains were washed I hoped that even an hour in the wind would help with the drying. Later on I was taking a break from the never ending packing. "Aah" I thought, "How nice to hear the rain on the conservatory roof." Then "Aargh, the rain - my washing!" I ran outside to find it wasn't rain but hailstones, lots of them. They didn't help with the drying and now I'm hoping for better conditions tomorrow. I've also taken down and packed the sitting room curtains so the room is sadly bare and echo-y. 
During the afternoon Jack came round on a quad bike towing a nifty little trailer. We'd offered some unused alkathene piping and other building bits and pieces to Paul the other day and Jack had come to collect them. Jack also took some rolls of unused wire netting and a big stack of old school trays. That's the outbuilding almost cleared which is how we're supposed to leave it.
It's raining again and having been outside for a moment I can confirm that the rain is icy cold. Better go and put the heating on. Thank goodness the cats have their cosy cat nests.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Move One Done.

Having set the alarm for 8.00 this morning I was awake at 6.00. The day was barely breaking as I did my exercises and this evening the light had almost gone as I finished off the evening exercises. A sort of full circle.
The removal men were here at 9.00 to take all the stuff that is going into storage. It took the two men a full two hours as there were a lot of pictures that had to be brought down individually.
Once they had gone the place looked a lot emptier. The sitting room is back in disarray as I emptied the wooden cupboard which filled 10 boxes and packed the rest of the loose stuff. As well as doing that I moved the big cupboard in the kitchen so that I can paint the wall behind it and paint the skirting board too. I don't like leaving things undone. Another job that had to be done was to check that the porch doors could be locked. I put in new locks a while ago but we've never bothered to use them. (Any burglars reading this, please note that the new owners will no doubt be vigilant in locking their doors.) The front door worked fine but I had to chisel out a new rebate for the lock on the inner door. That's another job done and out of the way.
As we are working on emptying the freezer I made a blackcurrant and apple crumble using our own frozen fruit. Red cabbage and prawn toast are also featuring on tonight's menu though the pork joint that was put in the fridge to defrost didn't and will have to be cooked tomorrow.
The other thing I did was to use masking tape to mark out the size of the new sitting room. It's quite big and in theory we could fit in both sofas but that would make it rather crowded. I did some furniture shifting and put the smaller of the sofas where the larger one was. I usually put my feet up at the end of the day and I want to see how that works on the smaller sofa.
We've had the usual frustrating time trying to sort out the change of address for various things. I can't do the electricity until the last day as they need the final meter reading. Peter had the best time ever trying to inform the tax people. You can do that on-line but it takes forever as you have to set up an account providing all sorts of details etc. Instead he tried phoning. He got through but then had half an hour of muzak, for which he had to pay for each minute, until the line disconnected. He did however have the satisfaction of telling BT that we no longer required their services. When they asked why he gave them a detailed account of the terrible service we have had from them which did make him feel better. (We were with BT because whichever provider you have they still own the lines and out here it makes a difference.)