Welcome to family, friends and visitors. Here you will find interesting (hopefully) pictures of my part of the world, news of our household and probably, long ramblings about anything that catches my interest.

Sunday 31 August 2008

..... and then there was one..

Yesterday, Linas set off for his new life at Plymouth University.
He and Pete loaded all of life's essentials; computer, guitars, amplifier, server, more computer stuff, more guitars, oh and some clothes, into the car. Actually it didn't all fit and Pete will drop some off next week when his work takes him down south.
A bit of a mix-up with the letting agents and we had a long wait out in the street. The house is 5 minutes from the university and the whole area has a campus feel with students wandering around and live Irish music floating up from one of the several nearby pubs. Ideal ..... if you're a student.

This is the house and LOOK, blue skies! It was actually really hot and my sources tell me it was the same in North Devon. Shame it's raining again today.

An easy 2 hour drive home, unlike the 4 hour slog home from Leicester to drop Vytas off at uni. Driving back down the Link road, Devon was bathed in a golden light. Coming down from the high rolling hills there were amazing views, reminiscent of Chinese watercolour landscapes. Spread out below could be seen the typical Devon patchwork of fields with each range of hills beyond being a misty golden grey fading away into the distance. Unfortunately this is a no stopping road and the only parking places were down in the valleys or surrounded by trees so I couldn't take pictures. The picture above was taken near home when it was getting dark and the golden light had gone.

Saturday 30 August 2008

Raindrops and Ponies.

The rain has finally stopped, (for now), so I was able to get out to do some gardening. Flipping weeds growing all over the place again. But first I took some pictures of raindrops captured by plants. Even with the ever present grey skies the drops glistened like crystals.

Once I'm out in the garden it's so peaceful. Just the ever present sounds of the wind in the trees and the stream rushing downhill in the next field. Punctuated by the cooing of a wood pigeon, twitterings of small birds and for some reason the very loud munching of a pony in the field above the garden. Maybe wet grass is noisier than dry grass? Or perhaps Coral is just a noisy eater? Now and again I hear my neighbour teaching a riding lesson in the indoor school and the enthusiastic "1,2, 1,2, .... well done!", makes me smile and reminds me of the days when I taught disabled children to ride in London.

Friday 29 August 2008

Garden Flora and Fauna.

I found this little newt under a stone yeterday.

The buddlia bushes are covered with butterflies.

This bird feeder is suspended by nylon fishing line over a stream but the squirrel still manages to steal the peanuts.

The Houdini hen is out again.

We've seen lots of woodpeckers this year.
I took this picture out in the garden at 10.00 at night on the 21st of June. The light was amazing.

Thursday 28 August 2008

Rainy Days in Devon.

You know the weather is miserable when the cats ( here Squeeky and Smudge) start jamming themselves along the rayburn in the kitchen. ( Last year Zulu the dog would be there with cats sprawled on top of him.) The rayburn is on all year round, keeps the kitchen warm, provides hot water, dries my washing and is my (temperamental) cooker. Oh and the oil costs are a fortune and it is best to stay out of the kitchen when Pete has to dismantle and clean it and replace the wicks.
Rant no1 over, now for rant no2. The weather. For most of August we have had grey skies and 'frequent showers'. Everything outside is wet and as soon as you get ready to go out to do something .... it's raining again.This is the last week of the school holidays and having done a major houseclean and tidy, had a houseful of family and friends, I had hoped to get some painting and tidying done outside. Oh well. I'll just have to sit on the pc instead. I got Linas (middle son) to help set up this blog yesterday which I predict will be fun for me if no one else.
Speaking of sons, Linas is busy packing as we are taking him down to Plymouth this Saturday to start the final year of his IT degree at Plymouth University. He is moving to a house share with 3 friends who are also doing the same degree. He is excited to be moving away from the countryside and I hope that he doesn't get distracted by city life. That will just leave youngest son, Romas at home and he seems to spend most of his time down in Bude staying ( partying and rehearsing ) with friends from his music course. Much as I love all 3 of my sons it will be lovely to have a quiet home where there aren't computers screeching and exploding in every room to the gentle accompaniment of drums and electric guitars. Then I can play my piano in peace!

Wednesday 27 August 2008

Haytor, Dartmoor.

Although we've lived here for 15 years and can even see the high plateau of Dartmoor from the top of our drive, we've never actually been there. The call of the sea only 5-10 miles away has always been too strong. So last Saturday for a birthday treat Pete drove us down to Haytor. Well, I had thought Dartmoor was only about 30 miles away, after 69 miles of twisty roads I was feeling so .... green. I love it  when the earth's bones are showing through and Haytor and all the other tors were certainly dramatic. But like most'wild' areas you are so quickly back in farmland and civilisation.