Welcome to family, friends and visitors. Here you will find interesting (hopefully) pictures of my part of the world, news of our household and probably, long ramblings about anything that catches my interest.

Sunday 30 September 2018


A distinctly chilly day with a little rain and a bit more sun. I decided it was time to take down the tomato plants. So now I have a tray of green tomatoes hopefully ripening in the conservatory. If I grow tomatoes next year I shan't bother with the Alicante but stick to cherry tomatoes as they were so very tasty.
That corner of the garden looks very different now that the tomatoes have been replaced with wallflowers. I've got a bag of old tomato plants ready for the dump and will call in at BJ's for some violas to put in the wall planter. 
The cheery yellow and purple violas also got planted out. The containers are scruffy but won't be seen once they replace the trailing geraniums in the wooden planter.
As I don't need the large dog crate I bought to give the cats an outdoor run when we first moved I advertised it on a local FB for sale group. This morning a chap came and bought it for a new puppy he will be taking to work in his van along with another dog. He was pleased with the crate, there's some extra space outside and I've got some cash to buy more plants.
I've got so fed up with feeling I'm not achieving very much that I decided to go back to making a list. Not a daily one with all the regular routine jobs but a list of all the things I've started in my mind but not actually found time for. By the time I had written my list there were 15 items on it. No wonder I've been feeling so disorganised. However I used the device any seasoned list maker knows, the first item was - Make a List. Simply being able to cross that off the list gives a boost and an incentive to get something else done. I've already crossed another 2 things off one of which was to make an updated birthday list which is now pinned up on my noticeboard. I had one before but it was mislaid in the move. I know roughly which month significant birthdays are but often find I have little time to send a card and organise a present. Hopefully now I'll be better organised. 

Saturday 29 September 2018


It's been sunny with a hint of autumnal chill in the air. After the usual round of chores I drove over to the dump to get rid of more bags of garden waste. I called in at BJ's to buy a bag of compost and saw that they now have racks of violas in a variety of enticing colours. I'm still trying to decide if I really need any more violas to brighten up the winter garden. It was still sunny when I got home, even the heavy towels on the line were dry. Out went the sun loungers for us to catch the sun before the house shadow crept up to the back wall.
Yesterday on my way home from town I decided to walk through the churchyard instead of going around by the road. 
A real step back in time though the mock Tudor gateway and alms houses were in fact built in 1849. 

The church was originally part of the Benedictine Priory 925 -940 and was dedicated in 1259 with some rebuilding in the 15th and 17th centuries.  
It is a real pleasure to hear all eight church bells ringing out for Sunday services and for weddings as well as the Tuesday evening practice sessions. 

Friday 28 September 2018


I walked into town this afternoon. It was sunny enough that shorts teamed with flip-flops were good enough for me. It was cooler under the many clouds and decidedly cold when I wasn't sheltered from the northerly wind but I prefer to be a little cold at times to getting too hot.
On the High Street the pan pipe players were tootling away. They've been coming here for as long as I can remember. 
Friday is Farmers' Market day in the Pannier market. It wasn't crowded as the stalls begin packing up quite early.
I had gone specifically to buy some wallflowers from the stall above. I also bought two trays of winter violas, bright yellow and purple ones this time.  

There are a number of stalls selling produce made or grown by local farmers as well as more commercial traders. There were tweed jackets and caps to tempt the well dressed farmer and overalls for everyday wear.

 Evidence that Christmas is on its way.
It was even sunnier when I got home so we sat outside enjoying the heat and a welcome cup of tea. 

From yesterday - Fluffy Cat lurking beside the rose bush looking annoyed that the newcomers are still here in 'his' garden.

Thursday 27 September 2018


It was such a beautiful day what else could we do but head out to the coast? The sun has been shining all day long with official temperatures up to 25C/77F. Walking along one arm  was almost burning in the sun while the shade chilled the other. 
Out to sea a cloud bank had formed over the deeper waters. 

Although there were only two seals to be seen sunning themselves on the rocks more numerous were the number of ships and boats (I get told off if I call them all boats). At one point I counted 13 ranging from a couple of gigantic ro-ro (car transporters) and a container ship with massive cranes on the horizon to tourist trip boats one of which was a rib (inflatable) with just five passengers. While there may not have been many seals they might have had more luck and spotted some of the dolphins that tend to be further out.
We took coffee and the remains of the weekend cake with us which we enjoyed at our usual bench. This time we got a two hour parking ticket so there was no ned to rush unlike last time. 

After a refreshing walk we returned home. The washing was hung out to dry while I made more chocolate and peanut cookies. I say they are for Peter but that doesn't mean I don't indulge as well. I need to buy a new set of scales. Either my current ones are broken or I've lost 3 stone overnight. I put in a new battery not so long ago so that can't be the fault and two of the adjustable feet have broken off and need to be carefully positioned. When I'm dieting I weigh myself every day (it works for me) so I think I've had my money's worth from them.
After doing the ironing I made the most of the evening light and finished off the weeding in the front garden. On clear days like today the setting sun turns into a sphere of molten gold bathing the front of the house with its golden light. It's due to turn colder tomorrow so I picked most of the nearly ripe tomatoes as I don't know what effect a frost would have on them.

Wednesday 26 September 2018


With barely a cloud in the sky it has felt as if summer has returned. Bad luck that the camper is in the garage waiting for a replacement part. Having cut the grass yesterday today I did the edges and prised out a few dandelions so the lawn looks very tidy, if you don't spot all the plants other than grass growing there. Yesterday I only had a short time to sit out side so today I made sure to sit outside on the sun lounger and read my book. Peter came out too so as usual we spent less time reading and more time chatting.
We've just returned from choir. We ran through some 'old' favourites (which were new to me) to sing when we do a workshop at the local library. Luckily they had very simple words and catchy tunes. Most impressive was 'Alleluia sung in parts to Pachelbel's Canon.' 

Tuesday 25 September 2018


I was awake early enough to see the full moon sinking through layers of morning clouds.  Some places locally had a morning frost so I guess it will soon be time to bring in the trailing geraniums.
It's been a lovely day with lots of sun and sufficient breeze to dry two lots of washing. While the towels carried on drying outside I ironed the sheets. It's good to get that job done straight away. 
At last the grass was dry enough to mow. My neighbour came home in time to borrow the mower to cut 'her' section of the central grass as well.
There was just enough time to drink a cup of tea outside with Peter before my afternoon exercises which act as a warm up for my Pilates class. Coming home the sky was filled with gentle pinks and yellows.  

Monday 24 September 2018


It's been a bright and sunny day with plenty of interesting cloud formations. No wind, so at times it was positively hot but anywhere in the shade was bitterly cold. We switched the heating thermostat back on last week and the central heating has been on for a while this evening. 
All the excitement of the weekend has pulled me right out of the doldrums and looking to the future. Today I took a carload of plant material to the dump including the remains of my summer hanging basket. (My neighbour's baskets are still looking good.) I went to BJ's for some cheery violas but they only had pansies. Instead I got a couple of trays of violas from B&Q. I'd been thinking about getting some bright yellow ones but there wasn't much choice just pinkish ones and blue/purple ones so I bought one tray of each.
The osteospermums which seemed to have stopped flowering have begun to flower once more. I may consider wrapping them in fleece for the winter.

Sunday 23 September 2018

Valley of the Rocks.

It's been a busy and fun weekend. Yesterday evening after a delicious meal we walked down through picturesque Pilton to town to watch the carnival. We found ourselves a good spot and kept on meeting people we knew. The carnival was loud and good fun. Some of the more elaborate floats take part in a number of carnivals in the region. After the carnival we walked up to the bridge to watch the fireworks. The lights of the funfair lit up the night sky behind us but we headed off for home.  
This morning the sound of heavy rain made me think we were in  for a very wet walk around the Valley of the Rocks but by the time we'd eaten breakfast the sky had brightened. Vytas and Sally showed us lots of photos from their recent trip to Jerusalem and Jordan. The ancient ruins and dessert scenery were stunning. Very different to the winding wooded roads on the way to Valley of the Rocks.
Out there the northerly winds were bitterly cold so we wrapped up well for an invigorating walk. Peter is having trouble with his knee so the youngsters  made the climb up Castle Rock while we ambled along enjoying the wild scenery.

It was lovely to be out. We didn't stay too long as we had a table booked at the Station Inn for their Sunday carvery. As usual the food was tasty with generous roast meat portions and plenty of vegetables. The desserts looked tempting but we were just too full up. Vytas and Sally set off for their homeward journey from Blackmoor Gate and we made our way back along familiar roads to our little town house.

Saturday 22 September 2018

Very Wet.

It turns out that the visit arrangements were made some time ago. We only registered 'late September' but then we are old folk! No matter, this house is so much easier to get ready for visitors. Just a shame about the continual rain.
A lot bit of rain didn't stop Sally and Vytas heading off to Saunton Sands for some bodyboarding.

They took these photos down at Saunton. As Sally said it makes a difference wearing a winter wetsuit rather than a summer shortie. 
I declined their invitation to go with them and instead stayed at home to make a meringue roulade. I used the same recipe and used parchment paper rather than the silicone sheet but even though the top of the meringue was golden and firm when I added the lemon curd, cream and raspberries and rolled it up the underside of the meringue was still sticky. The trimmed off ends have already been eaten and pronounced delicious but I would like to get it right. Oh dear, that means I'll have to have another try, what a hardship.
We're planning an early supper so we can head off to watch the carnival and fireworks and maybe even visit the fair depending on how wet we get.