Welcome to family, friends and visitors. Here you will find interesting (hopefully) pictures of my part of the world, news of our household and probably, long ramblings about anything that catches my interest.

Tuesday, 3 August 2021


Bright and sunny today but with quite a chilly wind at times.
I got my first lot of washing out on the line before breakfast and the second lot soon after. Peter decided to run into town calling at the dump first. I quickly filled a second bag with Welsh poppies and a few other weeds from the garden. We were just loading them into the car when I remembered the date thing and of course today is an 'odd' day so Peter would have been turned away from the dump. Tomorrow isn't convenient as I'm at the zoo and Peter is rowing at mid-day so he'll probably go on Friday.
I carried on with removing the soil, weeds and bulbs from the raised bed under the terrace. I had to wear my glasses to see all the fragments of mind-your-own-business. I can identify some types of roots but being unsure which if any of the other roots in the soil are the sort that magically revive when the soil gets wet I try and clear out all the roots I see. I've now filled one dumpy bag with soil and need to empty the last of the gravel out of the other bag before I can carry on shifting more of the soil.
We needed some milk so I combined going to the shop with a walk along the beach. There were a lot of people on the beach but I don't think sitting amongst the piles of mashed up seaweed would make for a relaxing day on the beach. I guess I've been spoilt by living near so many lovely beaches in my life. Hopefully the seaweed will wash away soon.
I walked past all the people out to the second little cove where I sat for a while on a rock. These big rocks have been smoothed by the sea and I found one with the right curves to make a comfortable seat. Not only was the shape good but the rock was wonderfully warm.
Back home we sat out on the terrace for a while but it was a bit chilly.

Monday, 2 August 2021


More cloud today then sunnier as the afternoon went on. By evening the sky was almost cloudless and although there were some clouds across the setting sun I'm sure the colour changed from red to green as the sun slipped out of view. Was this the green flash?
In the morning I took a chance and put some sheets in to wash. I thought spending the day working out in the garden I'd be able to grab the washing off the line if the rain did appear. At one point I'm sure I felt a few rain drops but I stuck it out and the weather improved. I began by carrying on with root removal in the back garden. I pulled out several feet of thick root attached to a big bramble but the end broke off. As the root disappeared below what seemed to be a concrete floor or maybe just a paving slab I had no chance of getting the last bit out. Instead I poured strong weedkiller on and around the root hoping to kill it off.
From there I moved to the front garden. In the hope that one day the builder will come to build the raised beds, to be fair he's waiting until the rendering is done on the front, I thought I should carry on removing the soil and compost from the existing raised bed. At the same time I saved any bulbs, replanted some vinca and most importantly got rid of the weeds and their roots. There are a couple of really large roots from an elder tree and the evil wild rose that I shall ask the builders to pull out appealing to their superior strength. I was able to do this gardening sitting down which made it a lot easier on my back.
Eventually I had to call a halt to my gardening and after a short break ironed the sheets that had been out on the line. There was time for a short spell outside on the terrace though it was cool enough to require a body warmer for me and fleece plus bodywarmer for Peter.


Sunday, 1 August 2021


After monsoon-like rain in the night today has been a mixture of clouds and sun.
I was out before breakfast as we both had a hankering for some croissants to go with our Sunday pot of coffee. They didn't have any fresh croissants in the shop so I made do with a bag of the 'long-life' croissants. The ones that come individually wrapped. Generally for a village shop they have a surprisingly good range of items including what I would call luxury or high-end foods. I guess people like to splash out when they are on holiday plus there are some very expensive homes here too.
After breakfast I hung some washing on the line and then began work in the back garden. My first job was to use a bolster and lump hammer to clear away some old concrete that was intruding into one of my post holes and would have meant I coldn't get the post just where I wanted it. Then I went on to dig up the first of the ivy roots. At the beginning this was easy with the dry soil crumbling away as I hacked at it with the hand hoe but then the soil was a solid block of clay. Not so easy to dig out up to 3 feet of finger thick roots. I got a fair amount done by which time the sweat was pouring off me. Time to stop and go have a shower.
Freshened up I headed off to the other end of the village to have a look at the chalk paintings. They were part of this year's carnival festivities though there won't be an actual carnival because of social distancing rules in Wales. I'd seen lots of photos of the pictures that were chalked yesterday and felt very sad when I heard the pounding rain at 2.00 this morning. The pictures survived remarkably well especially the ones by local artists. It was mostly the ones drawn by children that got washed away. 
The back of the sea defence wall makes a good place for the chalk pictures. (On top of the sea wall is a walkway with the beach below on the other side.)

This is Dean with his dragon which was designed to have a 3-D effect if you stood on a pair of footprints painted on the road. He is a chalk artist and has a mural business and is one of the organisers of the chalk exhibition/activity. He is also one of the zoo owners and we had a chat before I carried on with my photo walk.
The waves on these sea horses got quite washed out last night.
On my way back I stopped at a little gift shop and found myself the type of ranger hat I've been looking for and in my size. I then stopped at the good chip shop for a portion of fish and chips for us to share for our supper at Peter's request. I'm having mine with cauliflower and peas while Peter will have peas with the chips.

An illustration of how safe people feel here - On my way down to the beach I passed a motorbike parked up at the side of the road next to the cars. The rider's motorcycle helmet was placed carefully on the ground beside it and clearly visible inside were the bike keys. Obviously the rider was in the sea and trusted that no one would steal his bike. I found that quite amazing.

Saturday, 31 July 2021

Sunny Afternoon.

Much celebration as Peter found out, from a couple of forums (fora?) how to remove the redirect thngy (apparently greyware not malware but who cares?) My computer problems generally cause a lot of discord because Peter thinks I should deal with them as it's my pc and blog and I shouldn't be going on FB or Blogger anyway. That's like telling somebody they could avoid car accidents by never driving on the roads. Meawhile I think that seeing as he was an IT systems analyst sorting out problems in surgeries and health centres for years, he should sort any IT problems here. Still it's done now. 
If anyone has the same thing happen you need to; go to Layout, go to Footer edit and remove/delete the gadgets unless you know what they are and need them. Job done.
The day began with scattered showers in the morning and brightened up in the afternoon.
My main job of the day was to dig a second post hole in the back garden. It wasn't too hard to dig through the soil and clay using a weeding tool like a large screwdriver and a plastic cup to scoop the soil out. I managed to get 21" down which should be deep enough. The bright object bottom left is my foot to give an idea of size.
While I still had energy I dug out the weed roots from the rough patch I cleared on Thursday. Mostly creeping buttercup roots and some mind-your-own-business. It won't be so easy digging out the very old ivy roots that are right up against the wall. 
My last job was to find some brambles still growing in the front garden, cut them and lay them over the dry compost in the raised beds to deter the cats. Natural barbed wire.
I finished off my day by sitting out on the terrace, alone at first and then joined by Peter. As usual more chatting than reading though we do take out Kindles out with us. 


Friday, 30 July 2021


Wild, windy and frequently wet today. The weather report says it's Storm Evert with winds of up to 70mph on the south coast.
Fortunately for me it wasn't quite so wet in the morning when I went to the dump. I had hardly any wait though they're still operating the even/odd dates/number plates rule as the person behind me found out. I only had three bags of garden waste and one of rubbish unlike the nine bags I took there the other day but it's good to get rid of stuff from the garden.
From the dump I went over to Morrisons. That was a slow journey due to the large amount of traffic on the road. Very different to wintertime when I generally had a straight run through. At Morrisons I couldn't resist going through all the clematis on offer and found two more unusual varieties. I so need to get on with the back garden or at least pot up the clematis into bigger pots.
Then on to Lidl where I overcame my natural reticence and challenged a maskless lady or at least asked her where her mask was. There were two young women (Aargh, just moved my coffee cup because Speedy was walking across my desk and he trod right in it.). Back to incident, these Eastern European women were with three youngsters and were not wearing masks. Where I asked one of them where her mask was she looked at me blankly, then said she didn't have one. When I told her she needed to have one she said she couldn't breathe and when I asked her where her lanyard which is what you get issued with if you have a medical or other exemption she said it was at home. I really believed that but simply said she needed to wear it or else people would keep asking her to put a mask on. Mask wearing might not be compulsory in England but it still is here in Wales thank goodness. I think it's up to us members of the public to remind people of the rules here however embarassed we might feel.
Back home I finally got round to fitting screws to the wooden slats of the airer so that the slats don't slide out at either end. I had wondered why there was wire wound around the slats when I took it apart. My final job of the afternoon was to sew quick release clips to some straps to hold the two guest beds together. I saved these from an old backpack before I threw it out and they are just right for the job.


Thursday, 29 July 2021

Strange Happenings.

At the moment I seem to have picked up a redirect malware thingy that stops me from viewing my blog. Thankfully one of my anti-virus whatsits stops anything from happening. Peter has been trying out various things including wiping all the many trackers and cookies I've picked up in the normal course of things. In an attempt to tune my reasoning process, which seems to work in a very different way to his I drew a little diagram and suggested that we see if he could see my bog from his pc. He has the same anti-virus protection so eventually he tried and hey presto he could see my blog without any problem so I guess the rest of you can too. So the problem must be with my pc.

It's running a bit late so I'm just going to throw on some photos from yesterday.

The zoo opened to the public last Saturday and are only allowed to have 'domesticated' animals on display hence the arrival of a variety of chickens and ducks. They'll be having special days when the public will be allowed to see some of the exotics/wild animals and hopefully will be able to reapply for a lisence in a few months.
With it not being beach weather there were a lot of families visiting the zoo (or should I say animalarium which is the offical description) which felt rather strange. People can buy cups of vegetables to feed the pygmy goats which was very popular. Having the peacock wandering about gets the children excited though many children thought the Guineafowl were turkeys. The peahen and her chicks are still in a pen, I asked and found out that the chicks were accidental. They didn't want to have chicks this year and kept removing the eggs so the peahen hid her nest offsite and simply turned up with her chicks one day. She'd been wandering around the zoo as normal beforehand, maybe the eggs didn't need to be sat on all the time.
I also asked about the wolf-dogs. They are not straight 50/50 wolf/dog but about 65% dog and 35% wolf. They had been bought as pets and when their wolf traits began to develop came to the zoo. They were also very poplular with the visitors a lot of whom called them wolves despite the information boards. 
This was my work place. I'm very proud of the way I managed to clear nearly all the weeds from the gravel. While the bit around the bench was the worst the whole area was full of large weeds. The hand hoe I bought a while back came in very useful. It was tempting to carry on to get the whole lot done but my back had reached its limit.

There was a real change in the weather yesterday, lots of wind and good surfing waves. The kite surfers and surfers were out until late in the evening.
Today I finished making a fitted sheet for the guest bed and have found some straps from an old backpack which I can use to strap the two beds together. At last I was able to roll the smaller bed back underneath the other and return my study back to normal. Luckily the topper folds in half and fits on top of the 'under' bed. Then I made Peter a cushion from a rolled up pillow as he found that my one was just right for his back which is playing up at the moment. He spent the morning volunteering at the lifeboat shop. In the afternoon I filled several bags with gone to seed valerian and poppies from the back garden and some weeds ready for the next trip to the dump. Hopefully we'll get this re-direct problem sorted soon and in the meantime please excuse any typos as I usually pick them up by reading through the blog once it's posted.

Tuesday, 27 July 2021


It's been warm but there's a definite change in the air. First thing this morning the sky was a hazy white making the calm sea a matching silvery white. When it's like this everything seems very quiet as sounds become muffled by the haze. Later we were back to blue skies with large clouds building up. The weather report spoke of heavy showers, thunderstorms even but we've seen nothing of that here.
I took myself off for a beach walk after breakfast again. With the tide high there wasn't much sand to walk on but it was good to be out. On my way back I called in at the shop for some new potatoes. 
Back home I carried on with work on the mattress topper, hand sewing the cover for the extra bit on to the main cover. Then I ironed yesterday's washing washing. All very sedate activities that don't put too much strain on my back.
I was finished in time to spend some time sitting out on the terrace and there was yet another 'first' to be seen out on the water. There's a surf school that we see quite often but today instead of the big crowd of youngsters they had just one student on a surfboard. This was a specially adapted board with a seat on it on which they took the young person out to ride small waves. One instructor stood on the board behind the seated person and two instructors walked by the sides. There was also another child in a wheelchair with sand tyres and a section of board so that the child in the chair could be taken into the shallow water to experience the sea across his/her legs. Nice to see the sea being made accessible for those who might find it otherwise difficult to enjoy. (No photos for privacy reasons.)