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Friday 2 June 2023


Still sunny and once sheltered from the cold wind, very hot. We could almost be fooled into thinking we're going to have a hot summer. But then I think about how many years have started like this then as soon as the school summer hoildays start at the end of July the weather turns and it rains for the whole of August. That at least was my justification for spending an hour dozing relaxing in the sunlounger on the terrace at the end of the day.
Before that could happen I had a busy day. First off was the not so pleasant task of clearing smelly water from the outside drain. I'd noticed the drain was filled with water and asked Peter to check it out but after he checked the main drain it then fell to me to clear out the small drain that takes water from the kitchen and bathroom sinks. (Not the toilet thank goodness.) There was a lot of silt in there which must have fallen in when the builders cut the hole for the window. I couldn't get it all out and our drain rods won't go round the bends in the old pipe. Peter is going to town tomorrow to buy one of those bendy drain tools which should do the job. And why did I have to clear the drain you might ask? Peter's arthritis has left him with large lumps on his knees making kneeling very painful so there wasn't any choice. And it wasn't that bad, just a bit smelly.
That done I was able to get back to work on the block walls. Just five blocks taken down and cleaned as not only were they difficult to get to with a hydrangea in the way but the golden privet bushes on the other side have spread their roots inside the wall. The bottom row of blocks are held tightly in place by the fibrous roots and the same roots make it difficult to dig away the soil in the middle of the wall. But five is better than nothing. While I worked a very tame blackbird came down to look for insects right next to me. Eventually he was grubbing about less than 2ft away. He found some small insects and then he hit the jackpot, a big fat worm the size of a child's wax crayon. Off he went under a bush to eat it and when he returned he found another similar sized one in the same place. That was one happy blackbird though I wish he'd be a little more cautious with Speedy around. 
Before an early shower to wash off the dust of the day I walked down to the shop to buy some chocolate and a packet of cheese and onion crisps (chips) as a reward for my drain clearing efforts.

Another new sighting for me, a canoe with an outrigger. Haven't seen one of those here before.

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