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Saturday 22 June 2024


The sun was back again today with enough wind to blow two loads of washing dry.
Having got up at 6.00 to let the cat in and feed him I went back to bed and had a few more hours sleep. I'm finding that by Saturday I need to allow myself a bit more time to rest.
Breakfast was interrupted when Peter spotted a couple of dolphins. Abandoning my porridge I grabbed my camera and rushed out onto the terrace. You can see by the photo above just how near one of them was. I called out to a couple of holidaymakers walking past and they were delighted to watch the three dolphins fishing in the bay.
I had plans to do some sewing sitting outside but then changed my mind about the whole project. A while back I had unpicked the fleecy underblanket from the slippery fabric which was constantly coming untucked with the thought that I would stitch it onto one of my stock of new cotton fitted sheets. But when I eventually found the fleece (after searching through most of my clothes tubs) I thought that it was just too old and compressed to be worth the effort. My next thought was to buy a replacement underblanket which no doubt would also be on nylon, unpick the fleece and stitch that onto a sheet. But why go to that effort when I could simply buy some fleece and stitch that on? Because it would cost 2 or even 3 times the price of the new underblanket. And then do we really need a fleecy underblanket? So the project is on hold for the time being.
Instead I repositioned the three sea photos as although I put them dead centre between the mirror and the window it was bugging me that they didn't line up with the edge of the kitchen units. I also attempted to put up another small print but that came to an end when the wall was so hard the picture nail bent. That needs the drill. 
Since I knew I had an ironing session coming up I gave up trying to do jobs and sat outside to enjoy the sun. The weather is so unpredictable or at least predictably unpredictable that it's best to take advantage of the good weather which in my case means getting out the sun-lounger and reading in the sun whist pretending to be on holiday.
One thing I did do was to order the freezer. I rang the company and yes they do offer a recycling service. I'd just missed the tick box before clicking on 'buy now'. That save me £75 but yesterday's post brought two letters each demanding money. One from the vets, the £100 was just for the injection, that's extortionate, and I still need to pay for the flea drops. The other was from Teacher's Pensions from whom I get a very small pension on top of my state pension. Apparently there was a miscount of all the days I worked (lots of short term contracts as well as supply work) and it was 4 days too much. 4 days! And now they want £50 back for the overpayments covering all the years since I took early retirement due to ill health.  There's no way anyone would have records of days that I didn't actually work while it's perfectly possible that days could have been missed off. Or have they found a sneaky way to factor in leap years and are taking days off everyone's pension? I might give the union a ring to see if this has been done to everybody.


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