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Friday 21 June 2024


Well that was a nice summer's day we had yesterday. A shame that today has been mainly grey. Reasonably warm but grey nonetheless. It is only now at the very end of the afternoon that the sun has begun to break through.
I rode Margaret again today, what a surprise. She went really well and I think it's the best I've seen her 'on the bit' with a beautifully curved neck. I asked if someone had been working with her and it turns out that she is on 'part-loan' to an experienced rider who has been doing a lot of work with her. I knew it wasn't my brilliant riding that was the main factor though of course I still needed to be able to give the correct aids. Today we worked on 10m circles which are part of the dressage test some of the class will be doing. About half-way through the lesson it was suggested we ride in sitting trot and though it was optional I was determined to carry on with it right to the end of the lesson. I find sitting trot quite comfortable but it does mean absorbing the bounce of the trot through the weakest part of my back. I'd already pushed myself in aerobics last night so once I got home after the usual shopping I applied some Voltarol and took things easy.
The view at the side of the house is not very inspiring, just roofs and not even gardens to look at. (From the window over the kitchen sink I can see the Cambrian mountains through a gap between the houses which is better than nothing.) Recently the view has been made more interesting when some gulls built a nest on top of a small flat roof just behind the tall chimney. And now there are three chicks wandering about looking like dusty balls of grey fluff with very long legs.
At Morrison's I found another Festuca Glauca to add to the shingle garden. In my morning musings I worked out that I need two or possibly three Festuca right at the end of the shingle to soften the boundary between it and the  flower bed. I'll need to keep my eyes open when I go shopping at Morrison's as I don't want to pay £10 each at Charlie's.
I was going to place an on-line order with Curry's for the new freezer but then I found that I could save almost £70 if I buy from another firm. I just need to ring them tomorrow to check they will take the old freezer away. I thought their website said they did but when I was placing the order it wasn't an option.


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