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Thursday 2 May 2024


It was all change with the weather today. Very warm but almost a complete white-out for the whole day. There was a yellow warning in place for thunderstorms. Our friend who lives further north along the coast reported hearing thunder just before class began but it was only when I stood outside with my coffee during the half time break that I heard faint thunder coming from out to sea.
Peter is suffering with a heavy cold and I knew he felt bad when he cancelled going rowing first thing this morning. Fingers crossed that I don't catch his cold. 
After breakfast I went out, mixed up some cement and stuck down two wobbly garden paving slabs, one in the main steps and a smaller one leading onto the shingle. Don't want to be having an accident on the steps. I also had time to plant some Corsican mint (the tiny one), between some of the stepping stones of the path through the shingle. 
All to soon it was time for our Welsh lesson. It was a good lesson and I was feeling quite confident until our tutor dropped the bombshell that not only do prepositions trigger mutations in the following word but they also have different forms according to who or what they refer to. That's a whole new layer of words to learn.
After class I had time to paint the upper surfaces of the shelves and then move some hyacinths from their temporary home in the back garden down to the front garden. Then it was time to get ready for disco aerobics. Because the community hall was being used as a voting station for the election of a new police commissioner we couldn't have aerobics there but our teacher had arranged to use the Great Hall in the Arts Centre. I wouldn't normally choose to drive to town in the evening but since our teacher had made the effort to find an alternative venue I thought I should. At least when I got to the university I found that the visitors' car park is free after 5.00. It was interesting being in the Great Hall which is the main concert hall in the Arts Centre and the whole place has a lively atmosphere.
Lots of bird photos today. - This morning there was something going on between the female blackbird and the wood pigeon. Wherever the blackbird went so did the wood pigeon, first to the birdbath, then down to the dish of birdseed, next to the sundial and finally the fence. Later on the blackbird had the bath to herself and had a good splash about sending drops of water everywhere.

Oystercatchers over the sea.
I'm surprised the female blackbird could see where she was going with the dry hydrangea head in her beak. Eventually she disappeared into the hedge where presumably she is building or replenishing a nest.


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