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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hungry Surfers.

True to form it's been raining for most of the day. I got up early to get the breadmaker going (I don't have the manual so it will take a bit of experimenting to work out how to use the timer), and wash up the remnants of last night's cups & things before setting out the breakfast things. I did manage to get back to bed for an hour and still be downstairs before the household emerged but now I'm feeling a tad tired. Romas & Vicky are still out surfing with some uni friends who live the other side of Exeter. Rain is immaterial once you're in the water. We had a bit of a panic looking for their wetsuits as the last time I remembered seeing them was when we were on Lundy and for a while I was convinced that the wetsuits were still in the dive shed on the island. Luckily Peter located them in our back room (into which everything disappears). Alex and Kate headed into Barnstaple to do some shopping taking Peter along so he could collect a barrel of beer from our local micro-brewery and Sam took Milo (the dog) for a walk.
The rain cleared up for a while in the the afternoon so I had 5 minutes in the garden before returning to bake another double chocolate chunk cake, prepare potatoes for this evening's meal and do some cleaning.
The surfers have returned and happily demolished most of the chocolate cake and some fruit bread. My reputation has been made as an ace cook, good thing they don't know my repertoire is reasonably limited.

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