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Monday, 9 August 2010

Wet And Miserable.

Apart from a few brief minutes it has been raining heavily all day. Matches my mood as I had an unsuccessful phone call this morning from the hospital. Basically I've no chance of an operation during the holidays. The surgeon has been on his holidays which he so needs because he spends a whole 2 days a months doing operations and (probably) the same doing clinics and for half of that time he is doing trauma and not orthopaedics anyway. Bad luck for me, I'll just have to hold on for a few more months. It's so miserable outside I thought I'd post a few pictures of the crocosmia that I took yesterday.
'Lucifer' contrasts really well with the foliage of the white buddleia which though battered did pull through the harsh winter.

I think there must be a limit to the amount of washing and cleaning anyone can bear in a single day. (I know, if I did housework a little more frequently it wouldn't be such a job.) Today I was back in the kitchen and one of my tasks was this cupboard with my rabbit collection and a rather nice bone china tea set. It was an even nicer tea set before the day that the boys decided to throw objects around the kitchen which resulted in 4 of the pieces of the set being seriously broken! I was not a happy mum. To liven up the housework I've just taken one of the bedroom doors off its hinges, sawn a section from the bottom so it doesn't keep catching on the carpet and repositioned one of the hinges. I'll need Peter to help me re-hang the door as I need to cut out a new rebate for the hinge in the frame and put in new screws and that's really a 2 person job.

I was pleased to find I'd lost another 3lbs this morning but I did declare today a non-diet day and had some extra chocolate this afternoon. As long as I stay on my diet for most days I should be able to stop in a few weeks. Then comes the hard part of maintaining my weight.

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