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Monday, 2 August 2010

More Shopping.

Woke up this morning to lovely blue skies, it really felt as if I was on holidays. Oh Yeah, I am. It's been a bit cooler today but slightly sunnier. This morning I took another load of stuff down to the dump and came home with another mirror for the garden. Good value at £1.Day Lily by the pond.
My afternoon was spent in town (after dropping off a couple of bags of clothes etc at a charity shop). No great bargains today though I did buy some very cheap fitted sheets (in sale) at Primark and then I went and bought the third saucepan to complete my set of stainless steel saucepans. I spent quite a while in Wilden's which is closing down so everything is half price. It's a shame as Wilden's is the old fashioned sort of hardware shop selling everything from tools to grass seed and where screws and nails could be bought by the small handful.
Yesterday's evening light highlighting the astilbes.

The diet is getting harder now. It was actually 1 1/2 lbs lost but I'll count the half next week. Nearly, nearly, nearly there - phew!

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Julie said...

You have lost 48 pounds... what a rock star you are... CONGRATS... so proud of you. You are inspiring and encouraging. I lost 13 right before our English camps, then there was the Hungarian camp food which caused us to eat out a lot and lots of pizza and i am afraid to weigh myself and see how much I have gained back... So encouraged by you. Keep up the good work!!!!