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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Pond Day.

This morning I had to drive Linas to Ilfracombe to collect some skateboard decks. I took this photo while I waited. This is the older part of Ilfracombe with narrow streets leading down to the harbour. As I looked down the road (which was sloping more steeply that it looks in the picture) my eyes could not quite reconcile the fact that, apparently level with my eyes, I could see waves splashing against the base of the cliffs.
The waves can just be seen between the scaffolding poles.
Back home there is still no change in the weather, lots of cloud and very brief spells of sunshine. I carried on with my work at the pond. I had thought today's task would be fairly easy - clearing out the weeds and extra growth in the pond. Boy was I wrong, the wild flag iris had almost taken over the whole pond and it was a major job to get in there and pull them all out and then dispose of them either on the compost pile near the pond or on the wild side of the bog garden. By the time I had finished clearing the pond I was aching and covered in smelly mud. But the pond has now changed from a green lump at the end of the garden into a formal pond with day lillies, montbretia, japanese iris and a water lily flowering in it. Next stage is to weed the planted edge and maybe get some more gravel for the path. After all that effort it was good to have a hot shower and sit outside with a book. Unfortunately the changeable weather means you are nice and warm for a second and then wondering if you can be bothered to go and get a fleece because the dark clouds have taken over once more.
The butterflies are all over the place and I got this shot of the common blue (was it the same one that visited yesterday?) feeding on the marjoram. It is interesting to see how different species prefer different plants.
The gatekeepers and meadow browns flit about a lot and can be found feeding on the marjoram while the lavender was being visited by bumble bees and large white butterflies. The honey bees, peacocks and red admirals were all on the buddlia. Linas has returned back to Plymouth this afternoon clutching his decks, a guitar and some food from Mum's cupboards.


Elora said...


Your photos are simply spectacular! The cliffs are quite amazing! And I was able to make out those waves between the scaffold.

I'm thrilled to see the variety of butterflies, too. How lovely they are. We don't have any of those here. I especially like those peacocks! The blue one was very pretty, too!

Wish I could see your garden in person! What a treat for you to sit outside in the midst of all the beauty you've facillitated!

Thanks for sharing!

Happyone :-) said...

The common blue butterfly is soooo pretty.

Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

Such lovely photos and I too love the blue butterfly. You have a much wider variety of butterflies than we do - but then your garden has such varied and attractive flowers for the butterflies too :)