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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Another Quiet Day.

No change in the weather. Because Radio 4 is quite interesting on Saturday mornings I spent the morning in the kitchen doing more tidying and cleaning (this place might even be reaching a state of normality soon). A lot of time was spent cleaning the hotplate which was mildly irritating as I have done little cooking in the last 6 months and I never fry things (the cause of all that splattered grease). Had a little excitement when the postman brought me a pair of black Ugg boots that I'd bought on eBay. They were expensive for me but less than half the shop price (I knew they would fit because I'd tried some on in Exeter.) Red Admiral on buddlia.
When I did venture out into the garden the air was filled with butterflies. I spotted a common (rare here) blue on the santolia, it was still there while I dashed indoors to get the camera and then I watched it fly up, up and over the roof of the house never to be seen again.
It was back to work on the weeding of path around the pond, the only bit not done would have involved crawling under the overhanging very wet montbretia so I left it. Instead I made a start on pulling out a lot of the native flag iris which are taking over. As I cleared away the foliage I spotted this waterlily that had been hidden from sight. A lot more of the flag iris needs to go as well as the grass and all the dead and nasty foliage in the water.
Linas is back from Plymouth for one night. He came up with a friend as they both had things to do locally and he'll be off again tomorrow.

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Domestic Executive said...

I love the waterlily picture. So atmospheric.