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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

End of Term.

For Day 4 Part 2 of our Lundy trip look below yesterday's post. I put the photos on yesterday and saved them but didn't realise that the post would come up there.
Yesterday was the last day for the children at school and today , though it was an official working day for the rest of us, had been left as an optional sorting out day. As I was moving rooms for my colleague I needed to do a proper tidy and sort out everything in the big walk in cupboard before carrying stuff over to the new classroom. I was not best pleased to find that the same had not been done by the teacher in the other room and he now has a very large pile of stuff sitting on my tables that needs sorting before the start of the new school year at the beginning of September. We do have to keep records and assessments for years which doesn't help.
I had an appointment at the hospital later in the afternoon and if I am very lucky I may have my spinal surgery in August, if not it will have to wait until November. It has been raining heavily all day and on my way to the hospital I walked in flip flops through a thunderstorm wondering if lightning would be attracted by my umbrella. I had no jacket and as it was my trousers soaked up a lot of water from the puddles.
That wasn't the end of the day as most of the staff went round to a colleague's house for a barbecue. Peter took over the barbecuing, under a gazebo, the food was excellent and there was a large amount of imbibing. After his cooking stint Peter was able to sit back and watch 14 women letting their hair down with much laughter and dancing out in the garden. A good end to the year. Now there are 6 weeks to sort out the house and garden once more before getting back to teaching. Hooray!

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