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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Day 4 Part 1

The final day of our stay came around all too quickly. The sun had hidden itself behind grey clouds and it looked as though rain would be coming our way. We had to have our bags ready for pick up by 9.30 (it was nice not having to carry them to and from the boat) and we needed to be out of Stoneycroft by 10.00. We made sure everything was tidy before setting off for our final day's walks.Peter and I walked out to the west coast and then south towards the castle.
We came across a small pond/reservoir which had been created when granite was quarried for the buildings. Rain is the only source of fresh water on Lundy and although we had no restrictions on personal use you are asked not to do any laundry. I would think that the immaculate bedding, towels etc are sent to the mainland to a laundry service.
Once we had walked back up to the tavern I left Peter happily ensconced there while I set off to explore the east coast for the first time.

Initially I was thinking that it wasn't so different to our North Devon coast, low trees, bracken, views of the sea etc.

The brown areas that can be seen on the hillside are where the rhododendrons (a foreign invader) is gradually being killed and removed as it was taking over from the native vegetation.

But then I came to the old granite quarries cut into the hill and the wide path that was a railway track used for transporting the granite. Down below is one of the few accessible beaches so of course I had to go down to investigate.

The final part of the way down is a set of wooden steps with a sturdy handrail but just before them is the 'abseil' section where there is a strong rope to aid the climb down about 8ft of rock. In truth you don't really need it on the way down which is perfectly negotiable if you sit on your bottom and scramble down but it was useful on the way back up.

Quarry beach is entirely made up of rounded granite pebbles up to 2ft across. I watched a seal swimming past hunting for fish and spent some time cautiously searching for the perfect small stone to take home as a souvenir. As I balanced on the 'pebbles' I was very aware that it would not be a good idea to slip and twist my ankle. There was probably no phone signal so even if I had been carrying my phone there would be no way of letting anyone know and how could anyone be carried back up the cliff?

If I had had more time I too would probably have added to the collection of 'stone installations' on the beach. Instead I pocketed my stone and climbed about 200ft back up to the path. I then took a breather sitting on a stone at the edge of the path with my legs dangling over the drop. It will be interesting to see if my lack of fear of heights continues in other settings........
Today was the last day of term and although I will be spending tomorrow in school moving stuff from one classroom to another for me at last the summer has begun. And we have been having torrential rain for the past few days!

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Domestic Executive said...

I have so enjoyed reading your posts about Lundy - it looks a fantastic place and you seem to have walked almost every possible pathway! Glad that you enjoyed it so much and it has been a break before the final push to the summer holidays. It's raining here so don't feel too bad!