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Friday, 23 July 2010

Back To Mole Valley.

It has been sunny all day, first time for over a week so a cause for celebration. I made a start on pulling up the weeds around the scree garden that have shot up to enormous heights in the last 4 weeks and this evening I got about half of the mowing done. In the afternoon Peter and I drove over to Mole Valley farmers, my favourite shop, £60 gone in a flash on cat food, corn, cat wormers, a new broom handle, duct tape and a gun cleaning kit. Mostly essentials and there was so much more to be tempted by. Where else would you find every variety of work boots or row upon row of riding boots both long and short. I loved the coloured wheelbarrows, if I needed a new barrow it would be hard to decide between the pink or purple and certainly no cement mixing in one of those. They have a whole range of these bright coloured stable items; buckets, brushes, tack boxes etc. Just the thing for the horsey daughters of well off families.
These are just the fun wellies for kids. Peter was off eyeing up chainsaw parts and gun accessories while I wandered the horse section trying to think of a reason why I might need another body warmer but the prices were enough to put me off.
After Mole Valley we drove back to Barnstable, Peter went off for another gym session while I had a couple of hours strolling around the shops visiting the library (£4.80 for 4 days overdue!!). I bought a few things on sale including some cotton pj bottoms which I shall shorten into pj shorts - I find that the pj shorts that you buy tend to be a bit too short for my comfort so this way I get the perfect fit.
I can't believe that this is the end of the first week of the holidays though they didn't start until Thursday which is why I haven't got much done. There's a long list of indoor jobs to do on the whiteboard, hopefully to be done before our visitors come mid August.


Happyone :-) said...

Oh I love stores like that too. We have one here called the Tractor Supply Store. Great Stores.

molevalleyfarmers said...

So glad you enjoy Mole Valley Farmers and the goodies we stock. I agree about those wheelbarrows, I think I'd have a purple one myself!

Hope to see you again soon, best wishes,

Katie (Head Office)