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Thursday, 29 July 2010

A Garden Day.

Funny weather today, brief spells of hot sunshine mixed with black clouds that threatened rain. The nicest weather was in the evening when I took a little time to sit and enjoy the view and watch the swallows swooping to catch the midges. The nest is full of chicks cheeping which is reassuring as I was wondering if they had already gone. The nest is in a different part of the outbuildings so I don't know if I'll be as lucky as last year when I was able to photograph the fledglings sitting on a ledge.
I've been outside all day and have been weeding the path around the pond and doing some mowing as well. Next to the pond is my wildflower area which is currently full of flowers, mostly red clover and bird's foot trefoil. The ground there is very poor and wet, ideal for wild flowers not so good for grass and definitely no good at all for vegetables (no topsoil). I mow a couple of paths through the area so that it looks intentional and not just a forgotten corner and I'm pleased with the way it has turned out.

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