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Saturday, 24 July 2010

A Nothing Much Saturday.

It has been a miserable grey day today, raining at times, sometimes warmer but mostly cold enough to wear a fleece. Oh well, I've plenty of indoor work to be getting on with. One thing about having people coming to stay is that it forces you to tidy up. The job wouldn't be so hard if my family didn't see the spare rooms as a long term storage facility with guess who to do the sorting and tidying up. And I'm such a hoarder of stuff too, it's been really hard sorting out things to take to the charity shop. I keep thinking 'We might need that one day,' but even with our big house space is finite and I do need to clear stuff out. Not my clothes of course, my clothes come in a range of sizes and I've had a few happy hours trying things on and finding more clothes that fit me and a few favourites that are way too big. They'll be packed away for the day when I might need them. The scree garden needs a good weeding but the rain set in this afternoon so I sat and finished turning up my shorts. They've turned out well and the fabric is heavy enough that they can be worn as a pair of beach shorts as well as pjs.
Today was the first time in nearly 20 years that I haven't spent this Saturday in July driving my boys to Lithuanian Scout Camp in Hampshire. When they were young I stayed with them in the family camp for the 10 days but once they were old enough to stay in the boys' camp I was simply the taxi service. For the last few years both Vytas and Romas have been camp leaders and they are still there this year but have made their own ways there from the Midlands. After that they are off to do their own things- SK musters, playing in festivals (Romas) and work (Vytas) and will come down here in the middle of August.

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Happyone :-) said...

You should get rid of all your old too big clothes. That way if you gain a few extra pounds your clothes will be tight and it will make you lose those few pounds instead of just wearing the bigger sizes! :-)
We have had still another hot and humid day in near 100. I can't remember the last summer when it was so hot for so long!!