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Friday, 27 August 2010

Local Connections.

And today was SUNNY !! We've been promised a good week-end which is good as this is a Bank Holiday weekend and Romas and Vicky will be meeting up with all the others for a major muster (SK). I spent the afternoon in town and had a very civilised cappuccino and cake with my friend. I did ask to take a photo of the yummy selection of cakes but the baker/owner said no. As there are more of us at home I was able to take advantage of the end of day reductions at the pasty shop and bought 4 traditional pasties and 2 Thai chicken pasties (unusual but tasty). We have finally taken possession of our 'new' car, a Toyota Rav4. This purchase was yet another example of the web of connections that exists in our lives here. Last year we were at a party next door when the girl who works at the stables mentioned that she was thinking about selling her Rav. (She just happens to be the grand-daughter of one of my WI friends and lives in a farm visible on the other side of the valley.) Peter told her that we would be interested if & when she decided to sell. This summer we needed another car so luckily the Rav was still available and we bought it. It is a good purchase because we know that it has been looked after and has done relatively low mileage. But this isn't the end of the connections. Some years ago during a brief snowy spell our Landrover went off the road when we were all headed for school. I left Peter and the boys to sort the Landrover and hitched a lift with my neighbours who happened to be passing. Unfortunately we also went off the road at a difficult corner but I was able to cadge a lift into town with a couple driving ... you've guessed it - the same Rav, and it turned out that the driver's sister is one of my fellow teachers at school. That's one web of connections.
I'm hoping that the weather will be as nice tomorrow so that I can have a relaxing day in the garden.


Elora said...

Lovely shot of the garden, Ruta! What is the flower on the right? The bright red-orange one? It's beautiful! Glad you're going to get some sunny days! Our temps have moderated, but we're headed back up again this weekend.


Ruta M. said...

That's crocosmia masoniorum (tomato red), it's part of my master plan to grow plants that do well in this type of soil and most importantly don't get decimated by the slugs. I started with several large plantings of montbretia (orange) which grows wild in Devon and Cornwall and is about 3ft high. They both grow from corms and are vigorous spreaders. I also have c. Lucifer (red) which is almost as tall and 2 smaller varieties one orange and one yellow.

Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

It's a small world indeed. Looks like a great purchase and loving the shot of the garden too - you always find new angles to capture it from!