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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Pain Free Worming.

Right now there are 4 very contented cats licking their lips after a special treat of tinned cat food (it's normally dry cat food). What they didn't notice were the granules of wormer mixed into each portion. It has always been a bit of a struggle to pop worm tablets into their mouths and make sure they didn't spit them back out again so a while ago I was relieved to discover some chewable meaty cubes containing wormers. The cats loved them, even purred as they ate them but sadly after a few years these cubes were discontinued. So it was back to the dreaded tablets until I was ordering stuff from my on-line pet pharmacy & spotted these sachets of granules (Panacur) that you can mix into their food. Easy worming once more.Some of the different astilbes in the bog garden.
It has been dry but much cooler today. Today I made a start on tidying the conservatory. In theory this should be my favourite room of the house, lots of light, views of the garden and shelter from the wind and rain. Unfortunately the poor house construction has left us with major problems that so far we have been unable to solve. First the main wall of the house is faced with stone which just happens to be porous. Heavy rain drives into the stone and comes out over the wooden lintels into the conservatory and causes damage. Also the concrete floor is not completely damp proofed and the damp rises in wet weather, oh and the nasty plastic roof leaks a bit. We have tried various solutions over the years but it would take major building work to sort. Then my dear family have seen fit to use the conservatory as a workshop, cutting wood, repairing guns, mending & storing bikes (including Linas' scooter) and all their model making activities. It was so disheartening to see each mess made and then left. I suppose the fact that it is not fit to be a proper room made them think they could use it as a shed (never mind the patio doors from the sitting room). Well, it's a bit tidier now and I'll see what else can be done to make it more habitable. I've also made one last run to the dump and done a big shop at Tescos.
I had been hoping to get a good view of the Perseids tonight but currently it's 95% cloud cover so I don't think I'll have much success this year.

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