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Thursday, 26 August 2010

It's Thursday.

And surprise, surprise it's been raining for most of today. I've got procrastination down to a fine art but finally I've started looking at the planning for next term and doing some of the dreaded paperwork. Actually once I get started it's not too bad. The key to surviving this job is to be utterly organised. That way it's easy to take the inevitable last minute changes without going into a total flap. At least that's how it works for me.
In between getting on with my schoolwork I pottered about and did a bit of my jigsaw out in the conservatory. I work without reference to the picture and take a strange pleasure in matching all those seemingly random pieces together. Maybe I'll ask Peter to give me my Christmas puzzle in a bag so that I have no idea what the picture is. That might be fun.

It dried up briefly in the afternoon so I got the drain rods out and had a go at clearing the land drain that runs under the back lawn which is beginning to get very waterlogged. I was very glad it was only rain water as I had to delve into a deep puddle nearly up to my shoulder. Even so it was an early shower after that. I was going to finish with a bit of therapeutic sawing down of a branch that is growing too low over the stream but when I saw the nearly ripe cob nuts on it I decided it could wait until winter. No wonder the squirrel has been making forays into the garden.

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