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Sunday, 18 December 2016

A Stroll by the Sea.

A burst of sunshine in the morning tempted us out for a walk on the beach. It was a good day for surfing so lots of people were out too and we were lucky to find a place to park. 
Even though we keep going to the same spot it is different each time. The weather varies, the tides goes up and down and after stormy weather the ground itself changes. Right now the soft sand has been washed away down to the sea while the gravelly sand has piled up at the top of the beach making it a lot steeper and exposing many of the rocks further down.

I could spend all day just watching the waves preferably with a flask of coffee and something to nibble but as ever there are things to be done at home.
When we did get home my intentions were to do a bit of weeding before retiring indoors to bake another batch of biscuits. However once I was up on the rocky bank digging out the last of the grass roots I kept seeing just one more section to do and by the time I had finished it was a little late to start baking.

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