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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Winter Solstice.

Today is the winter solstice, a day I am always grateful for because now the days will be getting longer. Although I woke very early (before 4.00) I didn't see the sunrise due to the dismal greyness of the sky. A measure of the day's warmth was the presence of clouds of midges in the garden this afternoon. We did have some heavy rain later in the afternoon and a storm is due tomorrow.
This morning I went to meet up with 2 friends for coffee at the garden centre. The place was a little busier than usual as there was some sort of small children's Christmas event going on with Santa making an appearance and a lot of Ho Ho Hoing. We were able to find a quiet table and catch up on each other's news before heading off on our various errands. I made my last trip into town to finish off shopping for the Christmas holiday. Everything is done now so we can hide away in our valley until after Christmas. At home I made some chocolate buttercream and covered the chocolate cake so that it now looks presentable but ran out of time and energy  to finish the Christmas cake.

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Happyone said...

I too am glad that the days will now start to get longer. : )