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Friday, 16 December 2016

Gingernuts Baked.

It continues to be unseasonably warm. Yesterday Chivenor, only a few miles down the road, was the warmest place in the country reaching 13C/56F. My first outdoor job today was to put some extra gravel on the path around the small pond. Because my 'top-up' gravel is not the same as the original gravel (slightly bigger stones) I gave myself extra work by first digging out the original gravel, then putting in the new and finally tipping the original gravel back on top.
My main gardening job was to clamber up the rocky hillside and dig out the long grass roots growing through the soft soil. I also pulled out the brambles which seem to spring up the moment your back is turned and removed stalks of the bush at the top which was trying to creep down the hill. There is a bit left to do on the corner but I feel I've got most of it done.  
After a busy time outside I came in and made a start on baking biscuits for Christmas. Today I made gingernut biscuits for the first time and for once didn't have to make any substitutions to the recipe. The only change was that I had to leave the oven door slightly open as the temperature wasn't low enough. The biscuits look and taste fine and I ate the one that was a little singed around the edges.
This evening I'm off out for a meal with the rest of the staff from school. We're going to a pub restaurant instead of the dinner dance at the motel which makes a change. We had to pre-order so I'll be having salmon with sweet potato chips (fries). I can't say the menu was inspiring but it's mainly about spending the evening with friends from work.

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