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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Sunny Afternoon.

The morning clouds eventually cleared to give us a sunny end to the day but here in the garden there were only a few sunny patches. Instead I had to be content with looking at the sun shining on the tops of the trees and the neighbouring fields.
It wasn't as cold today and I was able to get out to work in the garden. First to pick up all the wisteria leaves (leaflets to be accurate) and stalks that had fallen in the recent frosty weather and then to work on the bog garden. I've now cleared all the mud from the path and removed more of the debris covering the astilbes and arum lilies. The frost hit the arum lily leaves too and they are lying there looking like wilted spinach.


Harriet said...

Lovely photos, Ruta. I am always amazed at the work you do..but it's got to be done. People often say 'aren't you glad yard work is done?'.....it's never done. Even with a substantial snow fall there's something that needs to be taken care of.

Happyone said...

I'd like to see a bit of sun!. : ) We have a few dreary days.
Always enjoy your beautiful pictures.