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Tuesday, 13 December 2016


We've had a big cloudbank sitting over the hills all day giving us light rain interspersed with heavier rain. Driving to work (above) I could see the edge of the cloudbank and sure enough it was much drier and sunnier in town. On the way home (below) it was much the same.
At school the children and staff had their Christmas lunch. I'd opted out as I feel I've done enough years of serving excited children their Christmas lunch and clearing up the mess before sitting down to eat the adult's version of the same dinner. While I don't enjoy turkey or Brussels sprouts they do serve excellent roast potatoes but I rarely eat lunch and prefer not to teach after a cooked meal. The children were all very excited though there were a few tears in the playground as their paper hats tore or they lost the plastic toy from the crackers. All I had to do with the children this afternoon was to help them write on the envelopes of the Christmas cards they had made for their parents. Everyone was collected on time and I was driving away at 3.40.

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