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Sunday, 11 December 2016


The skies were clear before dawn this morning so I had a rare view of the stars. Once the sun came up there was some fog/low cloud lingering over the trees but instead of burning off the fog increased until it filled our valley. I took these photos at 3.30 when I could see some blue if I walked up the hill a bit but in the garden it was grey and damp. Peter went rowing in the afternoon and out on the river it was bright and sunny if a bit cold.
At least it wasn't raining so I was able to get out and pull up more of the grass growing over the bank. The ground is nice and soft so with a bit of care I could pull out the grass roots too.  No doubt more will still grow in the spring but I had the satisfaction of getting rid of plenty of grass today.
One thing about gardening is that so often I find myself being diverted from the task in hand. Walking up the stones steps from the house I just had to stop and pull up all the grass seedlings growing between the stones. Then as I admired the winter flowering heathers full of buds ready to flower the long grass growing up through the bushes had to be removed. That done I did clear most of the grass from the bank which was my original goal.
Squeaky, very wisely decided that sleeping was the best option.

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