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Monday, 12 December 2016


It was raining again this morning and I wasn't tempted out into the garden. When I left home for work the clouds were once again sitting on the top of the hill. (I'm never too sure about the differences between mist, fog and low cloud so I've looked it up. Mist is thin but fog is basically low clouds.) I didn't drop out of the clouds until I had nearly reached town. Luckily it stopped raining in the afternoon and the children were able to go out for their playtime.
I had to get to school for 12.00 as we had somebody, a sales person, coming in to show us a maths scheme based on Singapore maths. It didn't quite link up with the national curriculum and the children's work books looked very much like schemes from years ago. So far we don't use printed workbooks for the children, instead the teachers create their own sheets for each lesson or the children write in squared books.
In the afternoon half of each of the Year 2 classes were going off to another old peoples' home to sing Christmas carols so I had the remaining children. I took in plenty of coloured paper and taught the children how to make simple 3-d decorations from 4 or more symmetrical shapes folded and stuck together. I also gave them the option to create their own symmetrical shapes. Some of the children needed several tries to draw and cut out a symmetrical shape but they got there in the end.

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Happyone said...

Love the photo.
It's started snowing here this morning. Looks like we will be getting a decent amount too.