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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Strange Health Centre.

The sun was shining this morning and it felt pleasant due to the continuing warm winds blowing from the south. By the time I drove to town at lunchtime I could see dark clouds beginning to gather and I drove home through heavy rain.
My first stop in town was the Health Centre for an appointment with the chiropodist. The Health Centre is a weird place. When you go inside it feels like a high security institution. Inside all the doors are solid with small windows high up. Having passed through several of these doors I found myself in a tiny, silent waiting room. I had to hold my appointment letter up against the glass of the closed window into the room where the receptionists? were. Even when the window was opened the lady there spoke almost in a whisper. I know that many of the people who might go to the Health Centre may be the poorest or most troubled residents of Barnstaple but this was very odd. However I did have a useful appointment. As well as showing my twisting toe to the chiropodist I got some advice for Peter regarding his toenails (his compromised immune system affects his nails). The chiropodist made a soft wedge with some putty like material to help straighten my toe. I also showed her the shoes I had bought from the catalogue I had been given in the hospital. As they were very expensive, nearly £80, I wanted to check that they fitted me properly including with the insoles and the new wedge which she said they did. I had been excited when I first looked through the catalogue which seems to have as much choice as a shoe shop as up till now my extra wide feet had made finding correctly fitting shoes a nightmare. For example there are 14 different styles of ankle/low boots and 4 styles of long boots. I shall have to chose carefully as they are very expensive but it beats buying shoes 2 sizes too big.
As the Health Centre is in town you have to pay for 2 hours parking so after my appointment I walked to the High Street. There I bought a couple of Christmas presents and went to the library. Then I drove over the bridge, did some shopping in Lidl's and BJ's and called in to Tesco's. They were giving away tasters from their 'Finest' range and I had 2 blinis with smoked salmon and caviar! One lot of salmon had been flavoured with beetroot which made it a rich red colour and the other was flavoured with chestnut but I can't say I could taste either. It just tasted like very nice smoked salmon to me. There were lots of foods on offer, different cheeses, crisps and a chocolate log cake but I was restrained and only ate some very nice chocolates washed down with a tot of Amaretto. Then when I walked round to the chocolate aisle to buy some gold wrapped coins another member of staff was offering Lindt D'Or. How could I refuse one of my favourite chocolates?
Up in the clothing section I checked out the Sale rails and found this fluffy (inside as well) lounging/pyjama top reduced from £14 to £4.50. They had quite a few of them but I picked out the biggest one, several sizes too big, as I like lounging around in loose clothing.

The rain started as I was packing my shopping into the car but had almost stopped by the time I was nearly home.

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