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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Home At Last.

While it was a pleasure to visit family and friends there's nothing like arriving back home especially after a long and stressful journey.
It was a frosty morning in Stoke-on-Trent requiring much de-icing of cars. As soon as we got onto the main road everything was clear and after a slight hiccup with the phone app satnav we made our way through Stoke and onto the motorway. The fog made the surrounding countryside look ethereal but despite numerous motorway signs warning drivers of fog patches the road stayed clear and we made it to Tewkesbury in good time.
There we met the latest addition to the Eedle household, Sid a very young and ultra cute Jack Russell puppy. Unfortunately Kate had been called into work but Sam and Alex were there and we had a pleasant lunch with them.
It was after we left Tewkesbury for what should have been a no more than 3 hour journey that we encountered numerous delays on the motorway. Over half an hour of being almost at a standstill (literally) just past Bristol due to an earlier accident and numerous sections where the speed limit was dropped to 50mph and the traffic bunched up bringing things nearly to a halt again dragged our journey to about 4 and a half hours. Driving in the dark added to the utterly dangerous driving of many people made that part of our journey very stressful. Luckily for me Peter prefers to do all the driving as I'm not so confident especially on busy motorways and in the dark. 
However nice your stay is, and we were treated royally by Romas and Laura, it is lovely to be back home.

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