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Friday, 9 December 2016

A Touch of Blue.

There was a bit more blue in the sky today though we have been promised rain for the weekend.  
I suppose it should come as no surprise considering all the warm weather we've had but honestly! I turn my back for one minute and the weeds have gone wild again. When I looked at the big bank I could hardly see the garden plants for the grasses growing there. There were big clumps that pulled out easily, long strands of couch grass which once I found the root end unravelled like wool, a nasty wide bladed grass that needed careful pulling to get the long tap root out and worst of all a thin grass with matted roots firmly embedded in the soil. 2 (laundry) basketsful removed and the bank looks a bit better. There's always more to do but I have to pace myself.
I also did a bit of work on the drive. When I filled in the deep ruts after the storm I did my best to put the larger stones at the bottom and the smaller gravel on top but it's all quite loose and sometimes gets disturbed when driven over. I had noticed the ruts I filled in with gravel from the stream which also contained finer silt like particles were in much better shape. So I devised a plan; first I dug out a section of repaired rut, then put back all the bigger stones at the bottom, added a good amount of stream gravel and finally pushed the finer gravel back over the top. Hopefully it will all meld together and create a more stable road surface.
We had the man come to sort out the boiler in the afternoon. There was much conversation between him and Peter about plumbing, central heating and rowing so I left them to it. As well as stopping the boiler from cutting out he and Peter adjusted all the radiators as a couple of them weren't heating up. So now we're all set for when the cold weather returns.

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Happyone said...

No weeds here during the winter. : )