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Wednesday, 7 December 2016


I had just started getting the kitchen ready for a viewing this afternoon when the estate agent rang cancelling the viewing. Apparently a family crisis had put the whole move to Devon on hold. That was a shame as it was a lovely warm and sunny day. On the other hand imagine how disruptive it would have been to have had an offer and be partway through the process and then the buyer pulled out. (Here in England nothing is binding until the day the contracts are signed which is the day you move out. If there is a whole chain of buyers it only takes one to go wrong for everything to fail. 30% of sales fail before contracts are exchanged.)
At school my Reception children were sticking shapes and glitter on to their Christmas tree cards. My role was mainly to supervise the wielding of brushes loaded with PVA glue and sprinkle and retrieve the glitter. After school we had our staff meeting to hear about Shanghai maths and then to put forward ideas for next term's topic of journeys.

Peter got a phone call from the hospital this morning to say that the results from last week's colonoscopy have come back clear. No more colonoscopies, just the routine home tests. From what they had said at the hospital last week we weren't really worried but there's always that little doubt at the back of your mind.
Also this morning Peter rang the firm who serviced our central heating boiler as it keeps cutting out. Not a big problem as you just have to open the front and press the red button but they are coming to sort it on Friday. Before Peter could go into technical details the lady on the phone thanked Peter which took him aback. When the men had been here before Peter as usual had talked about the rowing club and as always suggested that they gave rowing a try at one of the taster sessions. One of the men had and has now become a keen member never missing a training session. Apparently he had been going through a hard time up till then and it sounds as if he was quite depressed but now he is a changed man. It just goes to show what regular exercise out in the open with a team of other people can do for you.

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