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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Pond Day.

Peter was up and out before dawn this morning to go rowing. He returned home tired but happy though he says they seem to be working the 'social' row as hard as the race team rows. I got up a bit later and had a productive day.
I had intended simply to finish clearing the path around the small pond and to remove all the grass growing in the water but as ever the job expanded. The native flag iris had almost filled the pond so I waded into the pond and pulled out as much as I could. It's frustrating when you pull and pull and then the leaves give way but I got my hands (in rubber gloves) right down to the roots and kept on pulling. Some come out of the smelly mud easily while at other times I'm sure I'm going to end up falling backwards and sitting in the pond. That was a hard job but worthwhile as the pond looks much better now. That was enough outdoor work for one day. After a break to recover I chopped up 2 red cabbages to cook with bacon, apple and onion. There'll be enough for our Christmas dinner and plenty of meals afterwards. I finished my working day by ironing some bedding.
Last night's meal was nicer than I had anticipated though I shouldn't have eaten all my sweet potato chips and the chocolate brownie with ice cream was a bit of a sugar overload. Not everyone from work came to the meal but we all had a good time. I had never been in the Bull and Bear pub before and I was fascinated by the interior. (I regret not taking my camera). The pub is a 14thC building which retains many original features, lots of oak beams, wainscoting and panelled walls one of which is listed (under a preservation order). It is made up of a number of interlinked rooms with steps up and down. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything more about it's history.

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Happyone said...

Looks like you had a good time. : )