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Monday, 5 December 2016

Anyone For Tennis?

It's been a cloudy day today and much warmer than recently. Everything was rather grey outside so I've posted a couple more photos from yesterday. The red line in the one below shows the path we walk when we are going around Morte Point.
Driving in to work I could see a fine mist/fog over the town with the distant hills only visible as grey shadows. Although it felt a bit damp outside I was still able to take my Year 2 class out for a 'tennis' PE lesson. For most of the lesson I get them to work on skills before letting them have some time working in pairs. The Year 1 and 2 children had a dress rehearsal of their play (Charlie and the Chocolate factory) this morning which I hear went well despite the fact that we now have chickenpox and a bad cough as well as the sickness bug going through the school. One of the classes had 7 children away this morning.
After work I walked into town to buy some more wool for my crochet project. I couldn't get the same wool as before so went for a darker shade. If it doesn't look right I'll undo and use the wool from my test run items.

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