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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Beach Walk.

It was a little frosty this morning but bright and sunny so we decided to head down to the beach. The tide was going out and quite low when we got there which opened up more rock pools for me to peer into. I didn't find anything exciting but couldn't resist teasing some snakelocks anemones by dropping bits of shell into their pools.

The beach was sheltered from the cold winds that had been blowing at home. After ambling around for a while and collecting some stones for yet another project I have in mind we sat on the rocks to enjoy our coffee in the sunshine.

Driving home it was nice and bright until we turned the bend into our garden. It was all in shadow and if anything the frost had increased since the morning. It really did look as if a spell had been cast over the garden sending it into perpetual winter.
Despite the chill I went out and did a bit more work on the bog garden. I managed to clear a lot of the debris from around the plants and think I shall just leave the rest. You never know, the stream might rise and wash away a lot of the leaves.
For some reason, or for the usual reason ie our phone line is rubbish, it's taking forever to upload my photos and the minute my PC goes into rest mode it all stops. I usually put the photos on first and then add text but tonight I'm reversing the process and hopefully will get at least some photos on.

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