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Friday, 2 December 2016

Back to the Hospital.

When I looked out of the window this morning the garden was all white but a closer look revealed that  it was the frost left over from yesterday and the surrounding fields were only lightly frosted. I didn't mind having to walk up the hill to my car because at least I hadn't had to worry overnight.
I had a morning appointment at the hospital, this time with the dental department. I'd asked my dentist to refer me as I've had the same symptoms for several years both before and after 2 teeth had been taken out. It turns out this is more a nerve pain and although the consultant was very cautious in what he said ie not wanting to commit to the fact that those 2 teeth maybe didn't need to come out that may possibly have been the case. He did mention that he has had patients who have had the whole side of teeth out before they were diagnosed with a nerve rather than a tooth problem. There's not much to be done and I'm already on the medications for nerve and general pain relief. At least now I can be confident that there isn't something serious happening with my teeth or in my jaw and I can ignore the occasional aching jaw.
Once I got home I just did general housework and tidying. The only extra job was to go through the box of torches checking which batteries I need to buy so that all the torches are working. Being a 'belt and braces' type of person I like to have both torches and candles ready for any power cut or night time emergency.

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