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Saturday, 19 June 2021


The day began grey and it looked as if rain was imminent but then the sun began to emerge and we ended with a glorious sunny and hot afternoon. More importantly to Peter the sea was flat calm, perfect for rowing and they went out for nearly two hours. (Yesterday evening's row had been cancelled due to the wind and rough sea.)
While Peter was out on the water I had another go at scraping paint off the kitchen windowsill as I would like to paint the front as soon as the repairs to the render have been done. It's hard work on the hands so I'm thinking about getting out the heat gun to soften up those last areas of old paint. 
I'm having fun guessing the colours of the at least 15 hydrangea bushes in the front garden. They are all mop-heads while I much prefer lace-caps and there is a gorgeous deep purple variety I saw in the garden centre but I don't think I really need any more hydrangeas.
I made some Rocky Road earlier as there's a street party in the next road tomorrow. A while back we had a flier come through the door for a 'Celebration Tea Party' saying "bring chairs and something to eat". Peter had a chat with some neighbours from up the road and it sounds like it's more of a general street party rather than just tea. Our neighbours invited us to come and sit with them which is nice as due to the pandemic we haven't had a chance to get to know many of our neighbours.

In the afternoon I finally cemented a row of engineering bricks along the base of one of the raised beds. I was lazy and didn't use a spirit level or straight edge but did the whole thing by eye. I'd gone for the more expensive option of small bags of ready mix mortar which I mixed in a bucket but then again there's no wasteage and though small the bags are as much as I can lift.
I'd had the bricks in place for a while and as I moved them over there was a variety of minibeasts underneath; springtails, woodlice and centipedes but I was very surprised to find a small newt there as well. I took it over to a tray of scummy rainwater into which I put some stones. I left the newt on top of one of the stones but by the time I'd got my camera it had disappeared. (I've since put stones on the outside of the tray too for easy access.)
Later we sat out in the sun and then ate our supper outside.
I took these photos at nearly 10.00, still light, still people in the water and a lone fisherman out by the rocks.


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