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Saturday, 12 June 2021


Another Borthbados day with a cool wind. Perfect for drying the two loads of washing I got out on the line which led to an ironing session at the end of the day.
Having done some heavy (by current standards) work yesterday I thought it would be wise to stay away from heaving things around today. Instead I looked for some gentle gardening tasks and ended up clearing out the concrete planters on the terrace and weeding the two remaining large plastic troughs. Weeds to the black bag and compost to the dumpy bag with the empty planters left on the terrace for the builders to move when they get round to laying the new slabs.
I also did some sorting out of the utility room, something I've been meaning to do for a while. That left me the rest of the afternoon for sitting out on the terrace. Poor Peter after having yesterday's row cancelled due to the sea conditions, went down to row but returned much sooner than I had expected. They hadn't been able to go out because one of the rowers failed to appear. It turned out that he'd forgotten about the row and was in the pub watching the rugby. With no-one else avaiable that was the end of the row. Instead Peter joined me on the terrace watching the youngsters' paddle boarding lesson. The weather was so nice that we ate our supper outside and then after watching tv we were tempted out to look at the sunset (bottom photo) hence the hurried nature of this post.
Above- Yesterday's cloud cover creating silver spotlights on the sea.  
A poor representation of tonight's sunset. Moments later the sun dropped low enough to turn the underside of the cloud into a tapestry of blazing red and purple.

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