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Thursday, 6 July 2017

A Walk Round Morte Point.

No thunderstorms last night or today but they're still a possibility for tonight so after taking down the big dam so the postman and ourselves could get through it's back up again for tonight.
It was warm and humid this morning so off we went for a walk around Morte Point. We may live close to the coast but often the weather is foul or Peter's arthritis is bad not to mention doctor's appointments that good walking days in the week have been few and far between this summer. There was a sea mist over the water making Lundy just an ethereal shape in the distance.
There was a cool breeze which made walking very pleasant. Down on the rocks were a number of seals either sunbathing or simply hanging about in the water. 
The sheep were right out at the point and even though the ewes had been shorn many of them were resting in any small bit of shade. We had just walked past this ewe and lamb who simply couldn't be bothered to move. A bit further on we stopped at our usual bench for coffee and some cookies.
Walking back up the other side of the Point there were 2 men flying a drone. They had signs out warning people to be careful so of course we went up to them to ask what they were doing. They were trialling using drones to survey the area. I would love to have a drone and take photos from the air but I can see privacy issues if too many people start doing that.
We Stopped at the Ifracombe Tesco's on our way back as I don't want to go into town unless I really have too. Back home I did a final weeding of the scree garden and some leaf collecting with the garden hoover. It's so heavy to carry slung over my shoulder that I think it might be better to use my Vax. We finished off the afternoon sitting outside with our books.

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happyone said...

But still when you do get to walk you have some spectacular views.
We had a day of rain which the farmers and my plants really appreciated!