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Monday, 10 July 2017


It's been mostly cloudy with some light drizzle in the morning and again just now. I went off on one of my rare visits to town- bank, library etc. and for someone who has lots of clothes still managed to find more bargains that just had to be bought. Before I parked at Lidl's I stopped outside one of the charity shops and got rid of more bags of stuff and some large paintings.
First there were these festival-type light trousers. They were in sale (and 2 sizes smaller than my pre-diet days) and when I went to pay for them the till took another £2 off. 
Then came this dark grey top, not in sale but I love the colour and the extra soft fabric and it wasn't expensive. (When I got back to my car parked next to it was a VW in the same shade of dark grey with a matte finish.)
I bought Peter this drainer, new in one of the charity shops which is the perfect size to fit across the smaller of our 2 kitchen sinks. They only had pink  so I wasn't faced with a dilemma over the colour. Peter often uses a large plastic drainer when he is cooking but it has a large crack on one side. I don't think he knows his own strength as I notice more things getting mysteriously broken in the kitchen. In Tesco's I naturally checked out the sale rail and bought another top half price. It was sleeveless, V-neck and long but surprise, surprise it wasn't black but bright pink like the drainer.
It's been a bit cooler today which made my half hour of biking sot so sweaty. The physiotherapist said that using the bike would help to build up my leg muscles and protect my arthritic knee so I am determined to keep up with the exercise.

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