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Friday, 21 July 2017


It was raining steadily when we woke this morning. As I began my exercises it seemed to get a lot heavier which got me worrying until finally I interrupted my exercises, togged up and went out to extend the dam right across the road. I could see that at some time in the night the water had gone over the dam but fortunately it had been caught by the small ditch across the top of the drive that sends extra water into the channel running down the middle of our drive. I'm glad I went out when I did because the rain just got heavier and heavier throughout the day. It finally stopped raining but that wasn't until the end of the afternoon.
I spent the day tidying around the place and planning for a visit in August when there will be 6 extra people here. I also started sewing a shoulder strap on a bag that Peter takes shooting. An old belt in my sewing box was perfect for the job but although it is only made of cotton it's very hard to sew through so only one side got done today.
I went out to feed the cats in the conservatory when in a corner behind the geraniums I found this small newt, a teeny frog and a horrible, enormous slug. Frog and newt have been relocated in the wet grass and the slug went for a swim in the stream.

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happyone said...

Another busy day for you.
We could use a bit of rain now here.