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Wednesday, 12 July 2017


A totally different day today weather-wise. Lots of blue skies and strange winds blowing fluffy clouds across the sky. I say strange because when I first looked up this morning the wind was blowing from the south-east instead of its usual north-west but later when Peter and I were sitting outside we could see a lower layer of cloud blowing one way while at the same time the upper layer of clouds were going in the opposite direction. Whichever way the winds were going I still managed to wash all our sheets, get them dried, ironed and back on the bed. (Is a duvet cover counted as sheets or bedding?)
Peter went off for an afternoon of clay pigeon shooting wearing his latest purchase, a special shooting vest because you know a chap has to wear the correct attire. I stitched some extra padding inside one shoulder using the sponge filled fabric that had been left over when I chopped up a pair of new men's slippers to put new soles on my sheepskin boot slippers. You see, everything comes in useful eventually.
The bees are still around and today it seemed as if they were all feasting on this buddleia which was the first one to come into flower. I did some weeding outside and even though I wore a long sleeved shirt the flies were a real nuisance. Also every time I pulled up the weeds I seemed to be disturbing the ants so in the end I beat a retreat whist trying to fend off a cloud of flies buzzing around my head.
From next door I could hear a lot of banging and clattering as they dismantled the roof of the burnt barn. It's going to be a big job to replace the roof and the upper storage level.


happyone said...

I like to watch the clouds when they are blowing in different directions like that.
Hope Peter enjoyed his day. : )

harada57 said...
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