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Tuesday, 18 July 2017


It was warm and windy so today we went off for another costal walk.
We decided to try a longer route this time. We first walked through Mortehoe village and then turned down the path towards Rockham Bay.
As we neared the sea the coast path became visible. First we had to carry on walking around to the right before heading towards the cliff edge where we joined the coast path and turned left.  
Going this way meant we had one set of steps to climb. A good test of our knees and ankles. The school holidays start at the end of the week and when that happens there will probably be a lot more people out enjoying our beautiful coast so we will head for more remote places to walk. Today there weren't too many people around. 

Once we reached the top of the steps we could see Morte Point stretching out into the sea. It wasn't long before we picked up our usual route which took us right out to the point. The tide was high and there were no signs of any seals.
By the time we reached our coffee break bench it was less sunny and the wind was picking up. Fortified by coffee and banana cake we carried on around the Point and eventually back to the village.
There are weather warnings of possible thunderstorms and heavy rain so once we were back home I fortified the dam. I picked leaves off the gravel bed by the house for the second time today but when they first fall it is so much easier to spot and pick up the green honeysuckle and rose leaves. If I left them I would still have to pick them up later when they would be brown and either nasty and slimy or crisp and crumbly. Then I did some work on another of the raised beds clearing away the pink hardy geraniums growing up through  a miniature rose bush. Normally I like the wild and abundant look but the rose was beginning to be overwhelmed and also there is one last hardy geranium, a dark purple double flowered one, that I want to propagate behind the rose bush. We've had some big fat rain drops so I'm blogging early in case the thunderstorm does arrive. Off now to do my half an hour of bike pedalling to Barry Gibb at Glastonbury.
A 5-Spot Burnet moth.


happyone said...

Oh I love these coastal walks you take and wish I could take one with you. : )
I've never seen a poke a dotted moth. How pretty he is!!

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