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Wednesday, 26 July 2017


It rained all night then continued on and on through the morning finally stopping some time in the late afternoon.  
With the kitchen door open as Roger worked on the rayburn the cats moved to the sitting room to sleep. It took all afternoon but eventually the problem turned out to be that one of the filters by the oil tank needed changing. Even with the special additive we get put in with the oil it tends to have bits in it which eventually clog up one part or another. Working out rayburn faults takes a long time because each time adjustments are made to the oil valves etc. great care has to be taken in putting everything back together and making sure it is all level. As I understand there are few or no moving parts  with just simple turning controls to increase the amount of oil flow and thus the temperature of the oven and hotplate. That makes the initial setting up crucial. It is now running well so hopefully we won't need the engineer until the next service in 6 months time.
My own IT problems got even worse today. I had done my morning jobs and was sitting at the PC with a cup of fresh coffee, my morning treat, when Speedy climbed up behind the monitor. As Patch was already on my lap I picked Speedy up in order to put him back down on the floor. Unfortunately his foot went down into my cup of coffee which then spilled over the desk and the keyboard. Trying to save both the carpet and my keyboard I turned the keyboard upside down while at the same time grabbing a throw from the back of my chair to try and mop up the coffee. It wasn't difficult to mop up the coffee from the desk but then there was the matter of the keyboard. At first I used paper towels to soak up the coffee from between the keys. Then I remembered that the keys can be prised off easily (Might have seen the result of a toddler taking off all the keys on FB.) I started taking off the keys and found not only coffee drips but a horrible mess of dust, crumbs and cat hairs. It took a while but I removed all the keys, gave the board underneath a much needed clean and then cleaned each key before replacing it. Switching my PC back on I had access to FB and my jigsaw. It was only when I tried to get to my blog and needed once again to log in with my email and password that I found out the keyboard wasn't actually working. Power was getting through and the PC said it was there but whatever Peter did it was still kaput. I couldn't believe my ears when Peter told me to run water over the dead keyboard and in the end he stuck it under the tap and it is now drying off. He says there is a small chance that it might come back to life but not to be too hopeful. I'm now using an old and very dusty spare keyboard which at least works. Apart from the fact that the other keyboard was a fancy ergo keyboard the reason I use it is because it was Linas' keyboard so I really hope it recovers. It had a few keys with the letters worn off but even though I can't touch type, (that's a project for the future) I knew which letters they were but this keyboard has different letters worn off and the 'end' key, one which I use a lot, is in a slightly different place. Plus this keyboard clatters.

I had a brief walk around the garden this afternoon and was surprise to see that in amongst the honeysuckle flowers the wisteria is flowering for a second time. 


happyone said...

I'm just getting caught up the visiting blogs. A couple of days and I really get behind.
We are having a rainy day and it is coming down in buckets right now. I even put off my morning walk and hope to
get one in later in the day.
It is not like you to not post for a few days so hoping all is well. I guess you're still having trouble with the keyboard.
Enjoy your day, my friend.

Gerry said...

Ruta, enjoying reading your blog, it's all very interesting!

I'm sure I was at school with Peter in the 60s, same class, in Clapham. If so I'd love to catch up with him, my email is gersalmon@aol.com.

I used to live in Exmoor and know the area quite well, and still get down there occasionally to catch up with old friends. After retiring I went out with my wife to the Canadian Rockies for 10 years of country pursuits, perfect quietness and tranquility, I guess that's a bit like where you are; orchard fruits and vineyards . . . . and perfect weather, just perhaps too little rain.

Now we're back I think we have too much rain here! Keep up the blog, it's great!


Ruta M. said...

Hi Gerry,
I've passed your email on to Peter. He recognised your name without the Clapham College prompt. I've often wondered who my readers are. I started the blog so that distant family and our boys could keep up with what's happening here and I don't mind sharing my ramblings with others as well.