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Friday, 14 July 2017


Today's weather was much like yesterday's, windy with sunny spells. In the afternoon, while Peter mowed all the grass I set to work on my hair. This DIY ombre effect is about the  most I ever do to my hair (apart from some fanatical fringe straightening) and then only every few years.
I think it turned out not too bad (the top of my hair was still damp so a bit darker than when dry). The lighter parts are the colour my hair used to be, now I'm just waiting for the silver in my fringe to take over the rest of my hair.
As it has been a good drying day I decided to give my Vax a thorough clean. Instead of disposable paper bags I use a fabric re-usable bag and it was about time I gave it a proper brush and wash. While that was drying I cleaned out the rest of the Vax. It's such a simple design, a bucket with a hose attached, a lid with a filter and a second lid with the motor inside plus some extra parts to easily convert it into a carpet washer or spillage clearer-upper. My view is the simpler a gadget is the less likely it is to go wrong and easier to fix yourself if it does. I only wish I could get an iron without the steam bit. I never use steam and the extra weight isn't good for my wrist.  
I also made a banana loaf with a couple of the bananas I bought the other day. Naturally I had to have a slice to check that it tastes alright and I can confirm that it is moist and tasty.
Yesterday evening we saw a small stag using our garden as a cut-through. I've always assumed they were young red deer but actually the deer in the woods are the much smaller roe deer. The bigger red deer tend to be a bit further down the valley though once we saw about 40 stags in one of the top fields.


happyone said...

Banana bread yummy.
We've had a day of rain here.

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