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Monday, 24 July 2017


It's been a day full of sunshine with enough wind to make it feel pleasantly warm. Needless to say the cats had a strenuous day finding the perfect sheltered spot to sleep the day away.  
While Peter went off for another clay pigeon shooting session I spent the afternoon weeding the scree garden. Because it hasn't been too long since the last time I weeded there I was able to go over the whole area and even took out a lot of the weeds growing between the slabs around the garden. The gap between the slabs is a bit too narrow for my fingers so I just remove any weed that dares to show its head above ground level. The young robin came along to see what I was doing. It hopped up onto the rim of my weed bucket to check there were no tasty worms in there. He was out of luck and as I was working amongst stones and not turning over soil he didn't stay long. The swallows on the other hand were very active with lots of swooping in and out of the buildings and noisy chattering.
I had just called a halt to my gardening and was getting a book to read when Peter returned so we had a relaxing time sitting outside in the sun. It's times like those that remind us how lucky we are to be living in this lovely valley. 
Today Google decided I couldn't get into my blog until I had verified my telephone number. The only problem was they were going to send a code by text to my home phone. Really? A text to a land line isn't possible and there was no voice mail option. Instead I had to change the number to my mobile number after eventually finding said phone in my coat pocket. BTW I heard on a consumer programme that if you have paid out a lot of money for a pay as you go i-phone after 2 years they no longer get updates or work with the latest apps so you have to buy a new one. I think I'll stick with my dumb phone.


happyone said...

I spent some time weeding today too and we also had nice sunny weather.

Harriet said...

I, too, have a dumb phone...works for me.