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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Happy Birthday, Peter.

It is Peter's birthday today, something he had forgotten about until I gave him a card and a few token presents. He's never been one for celebrating birthdays as it wasn't something his family really did. I thought I would make him some bacon buns, a recipe which seems to be popular on a Lithuanian recipe/customs Facebook group I belong to. My first hurdle was to convert all the amounts from cups to weights and volumes. The group appears to be run by a US based person and one of the RULES is that recipes have to be in cups or at least after some acrimonious posts a while back they can have weights but must also have amounts in cups. Luckily I found an on-line converter but I had to do separate calculations for each ingredient. I also decided to halve the amounts as the recipe said it would make 5 dozen small buns (less if larger) which I thought would be an awful lot for Peter to eat. (I rarely eat bread or bacon.) You can freeze them once they have cooled which I plan to do with most of them. 
They are basically a bun made from a very rich bread dough made with eggs, milk, butter and quite a lot of sugar with an onion  and bacon filling. The recipe didn't say which kind of bacon so I used smoked which is the sort of bacon Peter's mother used to cook. I hope it's not too salty as we don't use much salt. Above are the filled buns waiting for the second rise. Below are the finished buns showing just how uneven our oven is. I plan to try one for my supper tonight while Peter will have his with sausages and beans.
The day has been overcast and hot again. We had a viewing at 11.30 which gave plenty of time for the final tidying. With this new estate agent we are showing the people around ourselves Peter doing the inside and me the garden. They were a young couple and spent nearly an hour and a half looking around. We try not to get hopeful because it all depends on what people want.
Baking and the viewing have taken up most of my day. At one point the clouds cleared and I was all set to catch some sun but got distracted by the internet. It was still nice to sit outside in the cooler air and read for a while.
Yesterday evening we watched this hornet buzzing around in the conservatory as we were watching tv and I found it dead on the floor in the morning. The bees are still here collecting food from the flowering buddleia and the Rambling Rector rose.


Harriet said...

I recognize the Astilbe....correct? Mine have died, too hot in Michigan. My book also said a heavy feeder. Oh, how I dislike/hate hornets. Here they are very annoying especially because they seem to want whatever food they can find. Nasty little things.

happyone said...

Happy Birthday to Peter. : )
Those buns look delicious.
When ever we've sold a house the sales agent always asks us to not be there.