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Monday, 31 July 2017

I'm Back.

Yes, I'm back once more. My absence for the last 4 days was not due to being whisked off on a surprise holiday to my beloved Lundy or anywhere else but most was most annoyingly caused by the failure of our internet.
We woke on Thursday to find the orange light on the hub flashing which indicated that we had no internet connection. Although the weather had been poor there was no sign (by the flashing lights of an old radio) that there had been a power cut which is the usual cause of our losing the internet. Peter phoned our provider - BT but the earliest an engineer could come out was Monday morning. That's 4 days with no chance to blog and no FaceBook or jigsaws which was a bit of a change to my usual routine. I dug out my as yet unused discs with Scrabble and Solitaire on but they are old and couldn't be loaded without access to the internet.
All through the 4 days the orange light continued to flash with occasional times of going out altogether. The light was still flashing at 8.00 this morning and at 8.40 but surprise, surprise when the engineer knocked on the door at 9.00 the light was blue showing that the hub was now working. A mysterious coincidence? I think not, our best guess is a fault at the substation has been corrected even though the young engineer denied having done anything to the line or substation from whence our line comes. 
I'm blogging now at 11.00 just in case the hub goes down once again but will blog later as normal if we are still connected.

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