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Friday, 7 July 2017


Not the best weather today, always overcast but one minute it was hot and humid then the next the temperature plummeted as the clouds darkened threatening rain. I felt a few drops of rain at the end of the afternoon which stopped almost as soon as they started. 
Since the arrival of the bees I've been playing the piano again in an attempt to persuade them to move on. Although I sit at the piano to play my guitar each day I had wanted to focus on creating neural pathways and building up muscle memory for reading sheet music when I'm playing the guitar. I thought that playing the piano might have created some confusion but actually it wasn't too bad. One thing I noticed was just how loud the piano is compared to the guitar. I do tend to play the piano quite loudly with perhaps too much sustain pedal but that is all to the good for creating a noise nuisance.
My gardening task today was to remove any brambles that had dared to emerge amongst the geraniums on the hill. I'm also finding some bindweed coming through the rocks. 20 years ago I rid the garden of bindweed, maybe it's taken that long for the remaining pieces of root to work their way up to the surface. I'm not going to start any major excavations now, instead I'll just pull up any bindweed I can see.
Although I'm still waiting for some of the paperwork, today I got an official letter confirming that I am no longer employed as a teacher. So now I can continue to focus on improving my health and look forward to whatever the next stage of my life brings.

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Harriet said...

Ruta, Please-what is the red flower. As you have retired, please enjoy all your moments.