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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Sunny Spells.

We had much better weather today, quite a lot of sun with just a few showers. Luckily it stayed dry, almost, while I showed some new viewers around the garden after Peter had shown them around the house. They stayed for an hour an a half including a second look around the house on their own but you can never tell. At least this new estate agent isn't sending round people for whom this place obviously isn't suitable. 
I've done some gardening in between showers, mostly weeding and some dead heading. The little robin was back again and made a charming appearance as I was showing the people around. 
There were some Red Admiral butterflies on the buddleia. I think the underside of their wings has its own subtle beauty.
Once again technology is driving me to distraction. This time it's ***** Windows. I'm under instructions to allow any Windows updates so when the latest one popped up yesterday I set it to download in the evening. Today I found that most of my favourite sites have to be re-logged into which necessitated getting out my notebook containing usernames and partial passwords. They didn't always work (or maybe I mistyped) but before they could email me a code I had to log in to one site and register with another to get to my emails. Such a lot of faffing about. Also this morning I tried to go to my new jigsaw of 540 pieces only to find it reset back to the start. 'Oh well' I thought I'll start the boring process of sorting out by shape and colour which I did once more so that it was all ready for the fun part of trying to fit the pieces of a random mosaic together. You can guess what happened when I opened it up to make a start as my photos loaded on to the blog, yes - it had all gone back to the start again. I think or at least I hope that I've solved the problem 
The Day Lilies around the small pond are all doubles while the ones by the washing lines are single flowers.

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happyone said...

That is a long time for the people to be looking at your house. That sounds like a good sign. They must really be interested in it.